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Nintendo Switch (OLED-Modell) vor weißem Hintergrund.

Can Pro change at work? That’s what Nintendo says

Absolutely surprisingly, Nintendo released the new version of the Switch in July 2021. The Nintendo Switch (OLED model) comes with a new screen, more memory and other minor improvements. It does not provide much power or high resolution. “Zelda” in 4K? Can you bend over – at least for now. Because rumors about the most powerful variant known as “Switch Pro” on the internet are still going on. There really seems to be something in it. Bloomberg Employees at eleven sports companies are reported to already have the developer kit for the switch with 4K capability in their hands.

Who owned Switch Pro?

Such tools are provided to developers by companies so that they can design their games to suit the new hardware. After all, to start a new console you need new games. As for Switch Pro, they must have come from Singa. The game manufacturer has not yet released any content for the switch. The staff told Bloomberg, however, that they had such a developer kit.

Nintendo and Singa with rejection

From our own teams, the wind blows from everywhere. Sarah Rose, vice president of Singa and head of Global Communications, clashed with her own staff. “Clearly, Ginkgo does not have a 4K developer kit from Nintendo,” he was quoted as saying by Bloomberg. Nintendo also gave fans a rejection on Twitter. In two tweets, the manufacturer talks about a statement that makes false claims. “In order to ensure a proper understanding of our investors and customers, we would like to clarify that this statement is not true,” Nintendo said. Other than the switch (OLED model) there are no plans for another console.

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The back door is still open

It is clear that Nintendo has to say it. Who will buy a new console in October 2021 if the more powerful heir works and the developer knows that the tools are already in the game Forge. According to Bloomberg, Nintendo released the kits to developers before the switch (OLED model) was offered. However, no game studio would like to engage with Bloomberg to estimate when the Pro version might appear. However, companies expect to release their games in mid-2022 optimized for the new hardware. Interesting: Ginkgo also postponed a game from the “Star Wars” universe to next year for Switch.