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Super Mario detta il tempo

Super Mario dictates the time

Super Mario Come back. More agile and dynamic than ever. Aside from jumping mushrooms and running everywhere in his iconic blue jumpsuit and fuzzy red hat, the brave hero now dictates the time. It Day, this year, The creator of a special limited edition smartwatch capable of combining gaming, technology and elegance. But not only that.

Why TAG Heuer Connected x Super Mario Limited Edition, Born in collaboration with Nintendo, Encourages the wearer to leave the home, intensify their physical activity, and be rewarded with pleasure and satisfaction that signify their progress.

The more you maintain an active lifestyle during the day, the more time-bound the dial becomes alive and well. Obviously, those who can’t be stopped will come up with improvements and daily activities Super Mario, He is also in constant motion between jumps, runs and games.

Animations are based on the camouflage reward system: Mario greets the user with a welcome greeting in the morning, as time progresses and the accumulated steps progress, he proposes different animations on the dial (25%, 50%, 75% and 100%) as he reaches each stage of the daily goal. These animations take the form of the famous Super Mario objects: at three Super fungus At six o’clock Mario grows up Pipe This allows him to travel quickly and at nine Super Stella This makes him invincible. When the daily step reaches 100% of the target, Mario climbs the flagpole, Another iconic feature of the video game.

Even externally, the innovative digital creation is reminiscent of the world of Super Mario, i.e. the bezel, buttons and crown logo are proposed in the famous maroon red color of his hat. The bezel features three icons at three, six and nine, indicating Super Mario objects included in the dial animations, which users can open and discover only when they reach certain targets later in the day.

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The TAG Heuer Linked x Super Mario Limited Edition comes in a package designed specifically for this collaboration. Available in just 2,000 pieces, it can only be purchased at select TAG Heuer boutiques and the website In some regions, from 15 July 2021.

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