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Labyrinth City: Pierre The Maze Detective (Nintendo Switch) - Le Test

Labyrinth City: Pierre The Maze Detective (Nintendo Switch) – Le Test

Want to relax? Want to push a quiet plow in front of a switch that only asks you to take a well-deserved rest after the performance of past games? No worries, Studio Darjeeling in Montreux has the title you need: Labyrinth City: Pierre The Maze Detective. What does it contain? After all, after all, who is hiding behind this intriguing nickname of Mr. X? Many questions will not necessarily find answers, but will be worthy of being addressed with dignity during this test.

A needle in a haystack

Labyrinth City: Video game adaptation of Japanese author Hirobumi Kamikaki’s books by Pierre The Maze Detective. These give readers the opportunity to find different elements on the boards and mark beautifully decorated, massive sites. Like the Pokemon Kids book, you need to find out where the target object is and then determine the path to get to it. Vision, feeling is very close to what series Where is Charlie?

If the video game adaptation of a literary work is never easy, the work done by Darjeeling is flawless. They simply succeeded in bringing to life this little world and the adventures of Pierre and his comrade Carmen. The goal of our tribulation is to guide Peter through ten floors and whether or not to restore the various elements that are well hidden in the decor.

To get a little immersed in all of this, we have the right to a character, a story related to his character in French. Thanks to her, Mr. X. We learn that he stole the intricate stone and thought he would use it to keep it small Medicine In this world. What does he aim to do by introducing such confusion? No one knows the villains except James Bond of the eighties, including Mr. X. Machiavelli shares the laughter. Therefore, Pierre and Carmen must be confident in each level to get out of the illusions created by the stone, to recover the magic object and to stop this villain behind bars.

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Layers of maze

Bear the Maze detective game comes to move our hero and solve some favorite little puzzles. Admittedly it’s a lot less fun when it comes to playing, but the fun is so much easier than anywhere else. He has discovered a thousand and one small touches brought by the developers of Montreal to enliven the work of Hirobumi Kamikaki. If a player who has never had a hand in his books finds little satisfaction and seeks interest in such a game, he will find his book revived before his astonished eyes. The maze of vision presented to us shows only a small end, which forces us to wander a little blindly.

This is the great strength of the title, not the standard, the site provided to us is full of characters who only need to press a key to communicate with us. Everything is done to get the player through these illusions, either through a short sentence or through a small animation. However, the difficulty is less and it is easier to get out of it. If in a straight line, without trying to figure out everything that makes the game salty, Darjeeling’s title ends in two to three hours, walk in mode Cool In its stages, it will take more time and more fun to search for all the little secrets hidden through its alleys full of life.

Each of the ten stages has its own graphic style, from the museum to the city in the middle of the festival, including the forest. Each place calls for a landscape change and updates the graphic codes of the elements we encounter. Very close to the traditional comic strip, which is what we think directly Where is Charlie? For the graphic foot. It is at the same time very bushy and at the same time fully readable. If we lose players, a discussion with one of the scattered maps on the map will allow us to see the direction the arrows should follow to achieve the next objective.

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The music that comes with us throughout our adventures is relevant to the current situation. Alternatively jazzyThoughtful or even Sylvan, she is lively in the early stages. At the end of the day, though, low refresh brings a little fatigue.