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Successful "Dry January" and 5 Tips to Reduce Alcoholism!

Successful “Dry January” and 5 Tips to Reduce Alcoholism!

Warn those around you in advance

“The idea is to ride the January wave to capture the collective impulse in a seamless way. In France, the substance of alcohol can be very taboo. Those who try to abstain can quickly be marginalized or stigmatized. So, make this experience fun and make others – your spouse, friends, roommates – us We warn of the challenge we have posed and encourage them to join us. “

Expect harmonious moments

“Slavery is the encounter between a moment in life, a product and a personality. “Dry January” or “January Challenge” is part of an ecosystem structure, so it may be important to change something in the regular scenario. It is important to anticipate the moments of the meeting as soon as you know there will be alcohol. To enjoy in the steamed glass, this involves replacing the wine with soft drinks by making these delicious non-alcoholic cocktails called mactails. Other note Never leave your glasses empty. Finally, before going to a party, we need to remember the motivations that motivate us to take on the challenge: taking care of yourself, retiring, saving money … “

Integrate new user-friendly functions

“In the collective trance, alcohol is recorded as festive and soothing. If we no longer celebrate rituals such as baptism or communion, new social practices centered on wine such as happy times or zoom or WhatsApp aperitifs have emerged. The idea is to get together but to share something else. There are bars where others choose to go hiking, engage in creative hobbies or try contentment mediation.

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Try dry and download the app

“The whole role of this January will be to question his habits and relationship with alcohol. I recommend downloading the Dry Dry app which is the best help. There are a lot of suggestions out there, there is a very playful aspect to the idea of ​​progress, so this is one of the most rewarding. When you use your power to act, attachment to it is the satisfaction of having done an action. Meeting the challenge is above all effort. It is not necessary to stop the goal completely, you can reduce your alcohol consumption, do not drink during the week … it is important to participate! “

Participate in a group or community

“Joining a Facebook group or association can be very helpful. I recommend the association Addiction to France patients specialists This is a collection of resources. It brings together people with experiences such as abstinence or consumption reduction. The association offers a webinar on Saturday, January 15 from 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. “