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How to download follower emoticons in Twitch

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No twitch chat is the same as most channels have their own culture. Inside jokes, personal memes and personalized emoticons allow a channel to communicate in a way that only fans can understand.

Custom emoticons have been around for some time, but they are generally only available to subscribers. However, Twitch recently announced that streamers can now access follower emotions. When subscribers get emotional when viewers become subscribers of a channel, subscriber emotions are blocked for all subscribers and free for them.

This feature is only available to Twitch partners and affiliates with instant download capability. If your channel does that job, you can download your first subscriber emotion by doing the following:

  • Go to your Designer Dashboard.
  • Download your emoticons.
  • After downloading the emoticons, you can choose their slot allocation.
  • Choose a follower who makes your feelings available to all your followers.
    • In order to download subscriber emotions, the channel owners must have an instant download qualification so that their subscriber emotions are immediately available.

If your channel does not have immediate upload access, you can open the feature by fulfilling the following conditions:

  • To open Instant Download, Twitch Partners must wait 60 days to become a Partner.
  • To open Download Instant Download, Twitch Affiliates must stream for at least 60 days as a subsidiary over a two-year period.
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Violation of Twitch’s Terms of Service may prevent the stream from accessing Instant Download. To re-open the feature, these streamers need to perform additional processes.

Don’t forget to let your viewers know that you have subscriber emos after downloading them as some viewers may not realize that there are new emos for your channel.

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