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Transfer between servers postponed, will be paid in the future -

Transfer between servers postponed, will be paid in the future –

Through the official forum New worldAmazon Games has released the long-awaited new details Transfer between servers The characters, however, announced the start of the feature Postponed to next week. A character can only be changed once and this feature will be paid for in the future.

A few days after the introduction of the New World, free server-to-server development was announced by the Development Group, which is designed to balance the online population and avoid overload on some servers compared to others.

On Wednesday 6 October, Amazon Games released the New World 1.01 patch, which unfortunately did not include the aforementioned functionality in many new features. However, in the update notes, the developers said that they would “provide detailed information about the system’s performance by the end of the week, when server transfers are officially available.”

We arrived over the weekend, the promise fulfilled, but halfway through. With one Mail At the official forum of New World, Amazon Games has announced that the transaction between servers will actually take longer than developers expected and for this reason it has been postponed to next week.

During our tests, we found some margin cases that did not meet our standards for publishing transfer experience. This means that we will take extra time to resolve these issues before it becomes convenient to issue a free server transfer token to everyone. We know this feature is highly anticipated and we work diligently to provide you the best experience. We appreciate your patience and look forward to getting transfers next week

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New world, a fight near a castle

As mentioned above, the developers also provided new details on how server transfer works. First, players must log in to the New World Inner Store to recover Token free, Which will allow you to transfer your character to another server. All progress, inventory, equipment, division status and more will be kept, but for obvious reasons, you will have to leave your fellowship and change your friends list.

There are also limitations to the feature: the character cannot be moved to the entire server under maintenance or where the user has already created a character. And The The token can only be used oncePer character. As explained by the team, Amazon Games may distribute extra tokens in the future if long queues and crowds continue, and in the future these will be available for purchase in the store and are no longer free.

An additional token will be required to change the character again. Our team will constantly monitor the world population, queue times and evaluate the need to distribute a new set of free tokens. Once we are confident that players have had enough time to find the right server, we will issue server transfer tokens for in-store purchases. We will let you know in advance when tokens will become a paid service.