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StuPa Election: What Electoral Lists Say About "Sustainability" - blickfeld

StuPa Election: What Electoral Lists Say About “Sustainability” – blickfeld

“Students for the Future” asked the following three questions to the four lists of candidates in the election:

  1. What would a standard university look like for you?
  2. What projects do you want to tackle in this area after the election?
  3. What stability projects have you already implemented?

The order of the answers is similar to the conditions of the voter lists on the ballot. The design and content of the film contributions were left to the electoral lists by “Students for the Future”.

Juso University Group Wuppertal

The Juso University Group Wuppertal See also:

Green List & Left.SDS

Additional information about “Green List & Left. SDS” Can be found here:

RCDS – Christian Democratic Students’ Ring

Still RCDS You can find out:

Liberal University Group Wuppertal (LHG)

The Liberal College Committee See also:

Wahlzeitung StuPa provides an overview of the election

You can also find an overview of all the candidates, election lists and programs in this year’s election newspaper. “Red”

More about “Students for the Future” at Wuppertal University

“Students for the Future” is a working group for Future Fridays, which sets itself the task of promoting the topics of climate justice and sustainability in universities. Learn more about the group at the Bergische Universit√§t Wuppertal:


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