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Still on iOS 14? Apple is now forcing you to update

In general, when Apple releases a newer version of iOS and iPadOS, users of compatible smartphones will need to download it to receive regular security updates, which guarantee the security of personal data. But in 2021, Cupertino changed its practices.

In fact, despite the release of iOS 15, Apple continues to support iOS 14 on smartphones that are compatible with the new version. So, there are no users No duty To download iOS 15 instantly.

But if you think it will last a long time, you are mistaken. In fact, Apple will no longer force those under iOS 14 and those who can download iOS 15 to make this update.

A few days ago, many media outlets noticed that the update for iOS 14.8.1 was no longer available on their devices. The only option in the iPhone settings is to upgrade to iOS 15.2.1.

Users are forced to upgrade to iOS 15 if they want to continue receiving security updates and attachments. And this is not a bug. Apple has decided to suspend the time limit given to users who have not yet downloaded the new version of its operating system.

Apple has confirmed to our colleagues at Ars Technica that this exemption, which allowed people to continue to use iOS 14, is temporary.

“If you are using iOS 14.5 or iPadOS 14.5 or later, you can now choose between two versions. This option allows you to install iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 upon receipt of this version or continue to use iOS 14 or iPadOS 14 while receiving significant security updates for a period of time, Cupertino mentioned the company on a support page on its website. The “time” to skip downloading iOS 15 is over.

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A device that affects the distribution of the operating system

However, it should be noted that this change over time has had an impact on the speed at which iOS 15 can be used on compatible devices. A week ago, Cupertino released figures on the deployment of its new operating system.

As of January 11, 63% of all iOS devices were running iOS 15. The rate for devices released in the last 4 years was 72%.

This is still high (compared to Android), but the release of iOS 15 is slower than iOS 14 a year ago. And for many media outlets, this is because Apple has allowed its users to stay in the older version of the operating system for a while.