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SteamTech Postponed: The Wolverine handle will no longer be released this year

Valve pre-orders are currently receiving notifications that the release of SteamTech has been delayed by two months. First, pre-orders must have the mobile in their hands this year. Global chip shortage is the reason for the delay.

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The valve components are also missing

Valve claims to have tried to avoid problems with global supply chains, but eventually failed and some components were not available. Valve Email does not specify which Steam Deck components are particularly responsible for the delay. As a result, the company can no longer meet the initial release period. Based on current estimates, Valve says SteamTech will be shipped from February 2022.

All pre-orders move back 2 months

From February 2022, Valve will offer first pre-orders, as the date only marks the beginning of the registration queue. Delivery for all subsequent orders is postponed accordingly as all bookers have their corresponding position on delivery. At the start of the pre-sale, Valve again made it possible to pre-order the Steam Deck with a time delay, even though the scheduled delivery for many pre-orders was until 2022. In order to let these customers know when their Steam Deck is expected, Valve On wants to quickly fix the booking dates of all pre-orders. Customers should be notified as soon as they receive the new delivery date for the order.

We apologize again for not being able to meet the original shipping deadline.


New orders only in the 2nd quarter of 2022

As of now, Valve does not want to accept new orders for Steam Deck until the 2nd quarter of 2022.

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For more information on updated orders and frequently asked questions, see The Steam Deck’s shop page is ready.