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Almost a full lunar eclipse is coming and this is the longest of the century. All details of the event can be found at »

November: Nearly full lunar eclipse is coming and this is the longest of the century. All details of the event

The longest lunar eclipse of this century is comingNote this date: Friday, November 19th. It will be the dayLunar eclipse The longest of the century. In fact, until 2100, there will be no other for such a long time 3 hours 28 minutes 23 seconds.

Before going into the details of this spectacular event, let’s try to understand what it is.Eclipse. A lunar eclipse is an event that occurs when the earth enters between the sun and the moon., Obscures the light of the star, so that the shadow cone on our satellite. This only happens when the moon is full (it will be on November 19th), but it happens much more often than a solar eclipse: on average, in fact, there are 2 to 4 each year.

But we will get the most interesting information of this astronomical event.
In fact, on November 19th a ‘Partial eclipse: So the three celestial bodies do not form a perfect straight line, but are slightly wrong. Our satellite covers 97% (Very respectable coverage and Almost total), But, alas, the eclipse is not seen all over Italy: only Northern Regions, IUpper Tuscany That’s one Sardinia piece They will be very lucky.

The eclipse will begin 7 p.m. (Moon in the west, Sun rising in the east) and reaches 9 peak around.
You can already guess that it will be very difficult to see the peak phase of the eclipse as the sun is already high in the sky, but the truth is, at least the beginning, especially if clear or somewhat cloudy sky is desired, is possible. Will be observed with success.

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Interest ‘Full moon in November “Otter moon“This is the time when traps were set for these animals by the Algonquian Native Americans, whose fur was used to warm themselves from the winter.