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State Share is coming, sharing games via video clips -

State Share is coming, sharing games via video clips –

Google Stadia Is about to get one of the most innovative features announced for some time State share, An organization Sharing games By spreading Clip video.

This is much higher than expected when referring to Google Cane Integration between YouTube and Stadia During the presentation of the site, at this time it does not seem to be strictly connected with the popular video service, but rather an integrated system in Stadia.

From January 20, 2021 Especially with Hitman 3, players can start using the state partition: with this system you can share a video clip that not only is viewed by other users, but also allows you to play it Game Excerpt Shared.

State stock will be compatible with activated games Support For this system, starting with Hitman 3 precisely, with this solution, players can send a kind of challenge to other users by sharing a simple video clip, but it also includes a series of game features.

In Hitman 3, this can be done at the end of each level and to others Specific moments of the game, For example, after deleting a specific goal: State Sharing allows you to share a series of games Features Used as a tool currently in use by the game for sharing clip, difficulty level, goals and starting point.

Other users can simply do that Click on the content and get started Same piece of the game but playable within those features. This way you can create Challenges Stimulates among players and is expected to be particularly interesting apps for streamers and youtubers.

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How the state share at this point spreads, how many and What games will support it, But in addition to being plugged directly into the new LG TVs, it is a new and very interesting technological solution brought by Google Stadia.