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Starting on 23 August 2021

Starting on 23 August 2021

Requests for Bonus TV Up to 100 euros With scraping, Applies to decoders, can be sent from scratch 23 August 2021.

TV Bonus with Scraping: Starts on 23 August 2021

This State bonus, Is clearly considered a switch-off function DDT The transition to the first generation and newer DVB-T2 has a valid and accurate date, although the “old” digital TV is switched off Postponed to 2023.

We have already explained to you Previously, to do this specifically Bonus TV The width of the potential audience to which it is addressed is, in fact, no limits attached to certain income limits, but rather an opening to all homes in accordance with the Roy license fee.

This means that each family can take advantage of the questionable bonus in the case of scraping, which can only include families with an ISEE of less than 20,000 euros. Exclusive bonus of 50 euros. Date 23 August 2021However, it is relevant in relation to this last bonus, which will go towards one Reduction to 30 euros.

TV bonus with scraping up to 100 euros: How it works

Since the reference date is not far off, it may be helpful to create a brief summary of the operating mechanism, so that the allocation, Bonus TV scraping up to 100 euros.

As can be seen from the words used, No status The state in question is entitled to a bonus Remove the old generation TV or decoder, Purchased before December 22, 2018 (purchase date must be self-certified). Of course, this date does not guarantee that the old product will not be accepted with the DVB-D2 HIVC Main 10, in short, a test on the 100 and 200 test channels is always recommended.

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Completion of this condition entitles you to the aforementioned bonus, which can be up to a maximum of 100 euros. The TV bonus, in fact, represents a 20% discount on the purchase of a new TV set or decoder. In this regard, an immediate clarification is needed to avoid misunderstandings: if you scrap a TV, you have a discount to buy a new TV; If you scrape a decoder, you get a bonus for buying a new decoder. In short: You cannot use a bonus to wipe one item from one category and buy a new one from another.

How much money is there for this bonus? Can it be connected?

These two questions are important to understand how to move and above all how quickly.

According to Funds allocated To fund “bonus TV scraping up to 100 euros”, MiSE (Ministry of Economic Development) will make a total 225 million euros. In theory, the contribution is valid, so get it up to date December 31, 2022However, in light of the funds available – they are not much – initial fatigue is unlikely. In short, moving quickly to get the bonus will be crucial.

Moves to related discourse AggregationAs mentioned above, this is entirely possible: from 23 August 2021, citizens under the required conditions (ISEE less than யூ 20,000) can receive both a TV bonus with 100 euros and a bonus booked TV. From 30 euros.

Online purchases, self-certification and bonus access

Currently, no specific references are provided Online shoppingBut, in any case you can use the questionable bonus to buy TV or decoders online.

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As mentioned above, a ‘Self-certification To certify:

  • Must be in a state of renewal or exempt from paying the RAI license fee;
  • Many in the same family did not benefit from the scraping bonus;
  • I have equipment that was removed before 22 December 2018.

The Self-certification form is not yet available Bring it with you when the old tool is disposed of on an approved eco island or when the new one is delivered to the dealer.

What happens on August 7, 2021

Tomorrow, August 7, 2021, Should be the release date on Official Gazette Inter-ministerial order before the self-certification form is available online. To make scraping and discount purchases, it is necessary to wait until August 23rd.

On the official website of Bonus TV – decoder up to 100 euros, it is already possible to check the compatible models, including the required data. Is here See link.

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