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FIFA 22: Create a club, new leagues

FIFA 22: Create a club, new leagues

Munich – FIFA fans will have to wait seven weeks for FIFA 22 to be available in German stores from October 1, 2021. Numerous leaks and rumors from YouTubers and locals are already circulating on Twitter, which could give the first insight into FIFA 22.

The professional system in particular has been heavily edited by EA Sports makers – there are also rumors of newly integrated leagues in football simulation with exciting new features and methods.

Create a Club: Found your own club

A new mode already announced by EA Sports with a trailer is called Create Club Mode.

Players have the opportunity professionally as a manager to achieve the highest level of success in their self-established club.

This method was in the FIFA versions of that period many years ago, as is known from earlier versions of EA’s Football Manager. Coats of Arms, Jersey, Stadium-FIFA 22 In Create-A-Club mode so far leaked, players can decide all these things for their team and edit them in detail.

Which league do you join to form a club?

One of the questions many FIFA fans ask themselves in a club mode is which league you will enter. Here the player has a free choice and can start with his self-established team in any part of the country available on FIFA 22.

For this, the FIFA player must “remove” another team from the existing league according to the league prior to capturing its starting position. Any team that “gets”, in turn, can be selected individually. For example, a player can start at the Bundesliga and take the previous starting position of record champion FC Bayern Munich.

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Team rating, budget exchange, etc. in Creed-A-Club mode

Important parameters such as team size, transfer budget or self-established club orientation (e.g. focusing on promoting the best club or young talent) are chosen independently.

Accordingly, you can also determine the strength of the starting team, which should consist of only the players created.

Rumors of several new leagues

In recent years, EA Sports has been reluctant to license new leagues for FIFA’s annual editions. In FIFA 21, even the most exciting match with Italy’s second division was eliminated from the game. But many rumors about new leagues for FIFA 22 could be consolidated. The leading leagues in Cyprus and Hungary are named FIFA Insiders and the Indian Super League.

The UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League will feature the newly introduced UEFA Conference League for the 2021/22 season. Additional European leagues are needed to have enough teams for all three European club matches, from which the starting ground for the European Cup matches is recruited.

However, in the case of the fifth tier English National League, there are differing views of FIFA locals on social media. On the one hand it has been said that the National League will be part of FIFA 22, while other locals deny this or say that only individual teams of the National League will be included in the game.

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