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100% Xbox exclusive Starfield, confirmation comes from the most reliable sources - Nert 4.Life

Starfield, released in 2021? Microsoft already has ads ready – Nert 4. Life

Let’s go back to talk about Starfield But, again, according to the rumors, the real news of the Bethesda game continues to be widely circulated rather than in short distribution, with the information of the alleged insider in this case Microsoft Has produced one Advertising campaign Game with already purchased spaces 2021.

The news is coming Podcast Xbox Era, Past information from this has since been proven to be correct, but with a historian, in any case, it is definitely not reliable. The alleged “Spatial Ed” in question has been very active lately, especially for accurately predicting the predictions of the Final Fantasy 7 remake offered on PS Plus games.

Beyond this, however, we can not say that it is reliable evidence in a particular way, that in any case the podcast that goes along with the others often collects interesting information, so let’s see what appeared at this time.

At 1:30 a.m. in the video, it is reported that Microsoft is already anticipating the Starfield advertising campaign, having already made several attempts. Marketing For 2021. In particular, we are talking about buying Advertising TV and not at the end of the year, which would suggest an upcoming release for the Bethesda game.

Anyway, as usual, there is a lack of official news in Starfield: a few hours ago a possible concept art related to the production of the Bethesda title came out, according to some E3 may be presented in 2021.