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Extension of deadline for INVALSI data input to resolve primary and PC audio issues.  Download circular templates

Extension of deadline for INVALSI data input to resolve primary and PC audio issues. Download circular templates

The Involvement deadline has been extended to May 28 due to increasing computer dizziness on the platform and the slowdown of the system (on May 12, 13 and 14) to facilitate the definition of data entry related to sample classes. Primary non-champion classes.

At the same time, with the usual pace of classifying the invalid company; Some operational procedures have been defined to address some of the audio issues that occurred and still occur during the tests (since the tests are ongoing in the lower school).

What to do in case of audio problems

What to do during system audio issues and test administration?

On the first check, with the help of the technician in charge of the INVALSI tests and the person in charge of the IT equipment,:

  • All connections between PC and speakers are compatible and intact;
  • Speakers / headphones are properly connected;
  • Audio playback devices (such as speakers, headphones, etc.) are properly connected to the appropriate output and input devices (eg microphone);
  • Audio INPUT / OUTPUT sockets do not contain small objects, cotton, dirt, etc.
  • Speakers, if fitted with electricity, are connected to a power station (on the wall or on the back of the monitor);
  • Speakers are turned on (knob or button), check if any LEDs are turned on on audio playback devices (eg audio speakers);
  • The speakers do not have the volume knob at zero.

The size of the PC is set to a very low level

This can happen, as is the case in some schools, and it is not excluded that it is not, even if the reason why no sound is heard is simply that the size of the system is set to a very low level. If not, proceed as follows:

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On a computer with Microsoft Windows operating environment

On the computer, on the other hand, with the Microsoft Windows operating environment, perform the following functions:

  1. Right-click on the speaker icon in the lower right corner of the desktop. A window will appear.
  2. Select “Headphones” from Playback Devices.
  3. Set the device size to the blue bar.

Alternatively, you can perform the following simple operations:

  1. Access Settings from the Windows menu on the bottom left
  2. The left sidebar with the settings menu will appear, select “Audio” in this menu
  3. Select “Headphones” from the output devices
  4. Set the device size to the blue bar.

On the other hand, if you are operating on personal computers with a Linux Ubuntu operating environment during the administration of Invalcy tests, you should check the following, in particular:

  1. Access the “Settings” application and open the “Audio” item
  2. You can check on this screen:
    • “Release volume” button is active (green)
    • Volume level elevated (blue menu)
    • The device is set up for “headphone” audio output. In addition, the “Speakers Test” can be carried out in the lower part.

Missing or outdated drivers on the system

There may be other issues with your computer due to missing or expired drivers. Missing or Outdated Audio Driver Missing audio on your computer, especially if your audio devices are slightly outdated. Despite the modernization of the technology park, the event is not far off in Italian schools, thanks to the proliferation of funds that have hit the world of schools in recent months, especially technology and multimedia.

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If you do not have numbers in school contact a computer technician

In these cases, telling the truth is not uncommon, and it is strongly recommended that drivers contact an IT technician if audio problems occur.

Sign in from Control panel Windows for use Device management.

In the window that opens, locate and expand the “Sound, Video and Game Controllers” item by clicking on the next small arrow.

Check that there are no problem signs such as a red triangle or a yellow exclamation mark next to the items under the “Sound, Video and Game Controllers” section.

These simple and clear precautions, in the opinion of the invalid, should be promptly intervened and, as always, in support of the schools, at the Italian low school, to guarantee a continuous continuation of the experiments.