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Dismissal Fund or Pension 2020: How to Download CU 2021 from INPS website

Dismissal Fund or Pension 2020: How to Download CU 2021 from INPS website

INPS, like all other social security agencies, has the status of a suspension agent. It refers to sui redditI Or allowances Subject to tax, Pays taxpayers directly by the company, operates INPS withholding taxes and, Within the normal time frame, Makes available dI like this Single certificate, That brief document that requires the taxpayer to prepare his or her own tax return.

INPS, Unlike other suspension agents such as employers, It does not issue a single certificate to the taxpayer, but it should beLast Be careful to download it From the company’s website.

This is usually a preferred activity for most retirees, but Audiences of interested parties have greatly expanded since the dismissals due to Govt. Carried out directly by the company.

Many of these taxpayers, for the first time in their lives, found themselves in layoffs; Also, by 2020, they will have two single certificates, one for pro-employment services carried out by the employer, and one for the redundancy fund received by INPS. As a result, they have to obtain CU 2021 issued by the company in order to process the tax (model 730 or sample income PF, depending on the situation or preferences), due to which they are obligated to double certify. Only.

Downloading the document from the INPS website is relatively easy.

The first stepAccess alla Home page From the official website of INPS:

It has reached the required site Access your personal area, By right-clicking on the top “Sign in to MyINPS”.

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By doing so, you will reach the authentication page, through which you can access your personal area: your PIN (for existing users; today the company does not issue new credentials in this way), their SPID digital ID, their CIE electronic ID card or the holders of the National CIE Service Card. .

After logging in, The user will find himself on his own wall Within the allotted area, Click here, On the left, first “R.Tax administration and services“Then”Tax Contacts”.

A scrolling window will open, making it possible To accesse AlYour 2021 unique certificate by clicking on the small magnifying glass, To the right.

This will open another window displaying CU 2021 in PDF format, which will be stored locally for future use and suggestion.

Be careful to accept In advance I cookie, UsingSpecial menu that appears on the site, because without Their release The document viewing process does not work.

Infps, with a note on its website, informs us Alternative methods For online service To obtain its 2021 Distinctive Certification:

  • ByINPS mobile application, By signing in with the same credentials indicated above;
  • Demands its ship In electronic form Via pec [email protected];
  • Demands its ship In printed form, In your home, via Mail [email protected] o al Green number 800 434 320.