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Starfield: No PS5 version - another insider confirms the Xbox

Starfield: No PS5 version – another insider confirms the Xbox

While Microsoft and Bethesda software are still quiet, it looks like PlayStation owners will actually go barefoot with “Starfield”. This has now been confirmed by an insider who is considered a reliable source.

Not only did Microsoft raise a lot of dust last summer with the acquisition of US publisher Bethesda Softworks for nearly $ 7.5 billion.

At the same time the question arose as to how far future titles would appear from Bethesda Software to PlayStation systems. In the case of “Deathloop” and “Costwire: Tokyo”, Microsoft immediately confirmed that the limited time exclusive agreements concluded with Sony Interactive Entertainment prior to the acquisition of Bethesda Software would be respected and therefore would not be touched. There is still uncertainty about other topics such as “Starfield” or “The Elder Scrolls VI”.

According to locals, PlayStation players have not received anything

It seems that PlayStation gamers here are currently unfortunately not out. At least various locals have pointed this out recently. These days the rumor mill receives new food from GameSpeed ​​editor and professional Jeff Group, who is considered a reliable source. He pointed out in a brief statement that at least “Starfield” is being released only for PC and Xbox systems.

In the case: Indiana Jones: Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield will not be affected

If the group’s claims prove true, we can assume that this also applies to the “Elder Scrolls VI” announced that year. Those in charge of Microsoft and Bethesda software have a low profile on this topic.

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It is assumed that Microsoft will be able to provide the latest information on E3 2021 who wants to talk in detail about upcoming topics. This year E3 will take place from June 12 to 1521, 2021.

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