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le migliori app per lo yoga

Yoga Apps: Things to Download | Free technology

It may seem strange that the practice of a traditional and millennial discipline can be informed by a technological tool. Yet it is Yoga Proves that there is a detail Feeling With technology, this is just another indication of its potential Regeneration And Regeneration, Always positioning itself in its deepest essence. In fact, they have been around for years Blog e YouTube Channels Dedicated to this discipline, but the latest evolution Applications This allows you to follow the procedure directly from your mobile phone.

All the benefits of yoga applications

Available at many major iOS and Android digital stores Yoga application This is a complete start and allow Yogin To be more experienced, one must Perfect support In their practice anytime Can’t attend One person study. While the control and voice of the master is irreplaceable in some ways, the benefits of relying on the app are numerous and undeniable. Really with apps Can practice yoga Directly from your home, With and without travel times Complete autonomy Days and times. This flexibility is especially useful when carving out one’s own space to regenerate body and mind when the days are full of duty. With applications, a Mat And this Your cell phone To train without obstacles but at the same time without dropping enough guidance.

Apps are always useful Not accessible For a lesson. This happens while on vacation, while traveling, but even if you live in a small town, attending a course can involve long trips. Not only that, but in the last long month of control caused by the epidemic, The Processor They were allowed to continue Yoga practice Even with closed gyms and suspended courses, it is especially important to pursue physical and mental well-being.

Another advantage is of course it Gain awareness Before this were the peculiarities of this ancient morality Start practicing it Feeling Is real, In a specialized center and with a teacher. Yoga is a discipline that brings the undeniable Physical benefits, But it has one thing Strong e The inevitable spiritual componentTherefore, it differs significantly from actions that are considered identical to that of pilots. They are Many types E. of Yoga Many approaches To discipline, so Experiment with applications This is a great way Access to yoga Gradually and with awareness.

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Best Yoga Apps

Here are some Best applications, All Downloadable In major iOS and Android stores, access yoga for the first time or deepen the practice independently. They differ in attitude and function, all of which seek a perfect balance between body and mind. All you have to do is download and start over.

Asana Rebellion

The application, designed by a team of fitness experts, therefore focuses mainly on the physical aspect of the discipline. The proposed goal To lose weight e Get in shape again, By Inspired exercises All Asana (Levels) Yoga. The approach is very encouraging and can undoubtedly be a positive stimulus for starting and maintaining a workout, while at the same time being optimal for everyone who wants to access yoga, but fears that it may not be in full harmony with its meditative and spiritual dimension. …

Once downloaded, the application asks you to enter your height and weight parameters, as well as your fitness level and the weight you want to achieve. Based on these values, a daily plan is developed Customized, Based on more than a hundred Diversity training. At different levels, you can choose different training sessions Intensity e Time. The download is free, but then the content is only allowed with a monthly or annual subscription subscription.

Town Dog

Town Dog It is the most popular yoga app and takes its name from its most popular ones Asana, I.e. dog upside down. After downloading it, the application immediately asks you to specify your level of experience, allowing you to choose between Two starting positions (Who has not done this, who has already done some lessons), Two intermediaries (Who is ready for the most complex positions, who is comfortable with almost anyone Asana) Finally An advanced level.

You can choose between Different styles Need to train at any speed, from slow to fast. This is also possible Focus on different aspects: Strengthening a specific body part, improving balance, increasing flexibility or focusing more on breathing. Finally, it is associated with a music or sound playback practice to promote concentration. To use the app, you need to take a monthly or annual subscription.

Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga The essence of any yoga application is: the ability to hold yours Daily training At your fingertips on your smartphone, you will manage to carve a moment for your well-being every day during the day. The uniqueness of this application lies in the fact that it contains very clear audiovisual instructions that guide the users step by step. Building positions.

The utility also provides one Dictionary of posesGet used to it and make sure you do them right. For this reason it is very suitable for beginners, but it can also be a practical tool for those who are already different Asana. The app will also monitor your workouts, Monitor progress And this The amount of calories burned Enough of each session. Background music can be selected from a specific library. Pocket Yoga It can only be downloaded for a fee.

Daily yoga

Daily yoga Instead it combines the classic functions of the app for practicing yoga with the real one Social Composer Yogin From all over the world. This application is especially popular for its ability to stay in touch Share Your progress with others: a The way to motivate yourself To maintain a consistent commitment and achieve the set goals.

It is important to choose your goal when you download the app, for example to lose weight, improve muscle tone, and so on. Then they are proposed to you Different views of Asana, Specific Own goal, Suitable for many Experience levels, Clearly marked as being able to choose with awareness. Alternatively, however, you can approach a standard daily practice plan. Some content is accessible as a free trial, but a subscription is required to open all features.

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Yoga in 5 minutes

The uniqueness of this application is the presence of a stopwatch Holding The time of each session, None of these are violated Five minutes, As its name promises. So this is the perfect app for those who want to promote and act on themselves Short exercise sessions, Should be repeated during the day, for example after waking up, during the lunch break or before going to sleep.

This application will be very useful for everyone who wants To integrate A procedure Attention In specific scenes, believable Complete explanations Provided by application. Each session includes a mix Asana Simple Reachable to all, each of which is explained Images e Instructions Very accurate. You can access one after downloading Free trial At its end you can decide to subscribe for a monthly subscription or a one-time payment.

Simply yoga

Simply Yoga: The message of this app cannot be clear and direct, it focuses on the most intuitive interface and navigation paths, so it is very easy to use. Much of the content Accessed for free, Only some people need to pay a subscription, which will allow them to use the app without the annoyance of advertising banners.

Once the application launches, you can choose between the two main categories, Classic practices e Ultimate rExterior, After which you can select Duration of procedure You need to be guided Very descriptive videos, With audio descriptions In English. Alternatively, in the section Streaming You will find numerous sessions with different teachers related to different styles of yoga, the duration of which is always well marked. This way it is possible every day Choose your own routine Has access Different featuresIn It is Free content, Modular to suit your needs.