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Study shows that it helps to fight chronic low back pain -

Study shows that it helps to fight chronic low back pain –

According to one Studio, Ring Fit Adventure The Nintendo Switch is great for relief Chronic lower back pain It can affect adolescence. The game is also a lot of fun, but if we like its healing side it is a huge surplus, which enhances it.

Siba University Medical School led the study, which is conducting several experiments to verify the benefits Pelvic area Combining video games and physical exercises.

Forty people participated in the experiment, all of whom were affected Chronic low back pain. Approximately twenty participants were asked to play Ring Fit Adventure once a week for 40 minutes, while the other twenty participants were given medication.

Pain and pain scores were checked after eight weeks Psychological status Patients: Those who played in the Ring Fit Adventure showed not only physical but also psychological improvements. They reported less back pain and found more effective ways to deal with it. On the other hand, patients who took the medication alone did not show any improvement.

In short, if you have low back problems and you have already turned to experts (this is always the first thing to do) you should buy a Nintendo Switch with a copy of the Ring Fit Adventure. Of course, play it and join the more than ten million who have already done so.

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