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Automachef, Jeu Gratuit Sur L'epic Games Store ; Comment Le

Automachef, free game in the epic game store; How to download it on PC

The future of kitchens is here, with a video game now completely free at the Epic Games Store, at Admachep. From today August 26th to Thursday, September 2nd, all users who have an account in the store can request the product and keep it permanently. Following that, it will be changed to the next, in this case the Yogu Island Express.

“Design and build automated restaurants and plan to make them better. Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset and the ability to conquer the world of automated restaurants?”, The official summary states. It is important to take care of any unwanted caries.

Aside from Attamachef, Epic Games Store has announced another amazing free video game that can be requested until September 2nd. Here is the Saints lineup: Third Remaster, a product available to all players celebrating the announcement of the new installment in Saga. At Netcoast-Security, we have already seen, so you can consult all the news of this post.

How to download it on PC

  1. First, you need an account at the Epic Games Store.
  2. If you do not have one, sign up for this link for free
  3. Fill in the various fields (name, first name, username, email address and password) and select whether you would like to receive business information.
  4. Accept the Terms of Service and follow the instructions to activate your account.
  5. Perform a two-step verification process.
  6. Once you have access to it, enter the link above in this message and trade the video game.
  7. Download the client at the following link
  8. You can now access your library and play games!
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