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Huawei AppGallery

Huawei AppGallery: A bug that allows you to download paid Android apps for free

Huawei’s AppGallery includes a security flaw that allows you to download paid Android apps for free on your smartphone. But this will not last long because the manufacturer will order a patch in a few days.

Hole for downloading paid applications … without payment

Given the current situation, Huawei cannot offer its users the Google Play Store to download Android apps, so there is AppGallery instead.

Developer Dylan Russell Found A flaw in the basic API of AppGallery, which does not provide any security for paid applications. It is possible to get the download link to get the exact APK file for the paid applications without the need to pay for a particular application or log in to the account.

This is definitely a problem. As you can imagine, some people will use the computer to get as many Android applications as possible without paying a single penny. Developers who go through AppGallery in this scenario will not get even a penny.

Huawei has announced that a patch will be available to close the loophole in AppGallery and prevent paid Android applications from downloading for free. Will have to wait until May 25 to fix.

By the way, the developer mentions that on February 17 Hawaii was warned about the defect. The builder said the matter would be investigated. But the defect is still there for more than 90 days. So the developer has decided to make this public, and Huawei has just decided to announce that the upcoming patch will be available.

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