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Square Enix works on a video game -

Square Enix works on a video game –

Despite the commercial and critical blows, Square Enix And Marvel plans to continue their collaboration. According to the usual well-known Jeff Group, in fact, a Japanese publisher New video game Dedicated Defenders of the Galaxy.

The American journalist shared these latest rumors among himself The last podcast. Since it came to his ears, in fact, Square Enix will be trying to break into the world of American superheroes for the second time, after an attempt with Marvel Marine Avengers. This time thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy, the company under and outside of space adventurers who will star in the third short film.

The group’s message was very brief: “This is true. Defenders of the Galaxy, Square Enix, is another Marvel game “, but clear enough to get the message out without big doubts. We will learn more about this game before 12 p.m.

In the meantime, we ask you: Do you want to play an adventure dedicated to the defenders of the galaxy?

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