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SQUARE ENIX celebrates 30 years of cult right

SQUARE ENIX celebrates 30 years of cult right

Mobile version of Mana’s critically acclaimed RPG tests and all new mobile headlines unveiled in Echo of Mana Special Livestream

Paris, June 28, 2021 – SQUARE ENIX® shared new announcements during a live stream broadcast from Japan to mark the 30th anniversary of the Mana series. In these announcements, fans were able to find out the release date of the mobile version Tests of the mind™, scheduled for July 15, and noticeEcho of Mana, The newest new free game coming to mobile devices.

Tests of the mind
The 3D remake of the cult game, which has sold more than 1 million units worldwide in physical and digital formats, will be available on iOS and Android devices on July 15, 2021. Fans can now start pre-registeringApp Store And Google Games.

The mobile version of the title has many unique features including updated touch controls, customizable graphics settings and the ability to store in the cloud. Players can get two valuable gear pieces at the beginning of their adventure to help them start their quest: Rapid Decoration, which increases the level of experience gained in battle up to the 17th level, and Silktail Decoration, which increases the level of gold earned in battle up to level 17

First published in Japan in 1995 Sequen tense3, Tests of the mind Is the full HD remake of the third installment of Mental Rights. It takes these athletes on an unforgettable adventure filled with thrilling experiences, unforgettable heroes and enemies. Players will discover different game experiences by forming a team of three characters out of the six presented. They will embark on a lifelong adventure in which they will improve their character classes to provide new and powerful forms, learn over three hundred skills and discover a world full of secrets and mysteries to explore. The unique dynamic combat system of the series will test the players as they try to avoid the enemy by unleashing impressive air attacks and various combos. The game was appreciated when it was released on Nintendo Switch Play, PlayStation ®4 and Steam, especially for its accessible gameplay, traditional RPG vibration and stunning visuals.

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Echo of Mana
WFS, Inc. Designed and Created, Echo of Mana It is a new free-running action-RPG planned for mobile devices worldwide in 2022. Echo of Mana Mana will have the original story connected with the new characters and famous heroes of the series. Players can rediscover the dynamic gameplay specific to the series and fight with their friends in multiplayer mode. The official website for this new mobile title is already online here:

Echo of Mana Available for free download with in-app purchase on mobile devices. The game features texts in French, English, German, Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Korean.

Myth of Mana – Teardrop Crystal- Animated series
Fans can find episodes of the animated series Myth of Mana – Teardrop Crystal– It will immerse them in the history of the game The legend of Mana Recently released. This new animated series from Warner