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Very Very Wallet - Switch - Endeavor

Very Very Wallet – Switch – Endeavor

The biggest horror for many young drivers is driving on highways and having proper parking. Although the Very Very Valet game is about parking, proper parking is not important. The main thing is that the “how” is not a bar, whether the car is parked somewhere, whether it is in another car or upside down in the parking lot. The result is a very fun and entertaining bed co-op game planned before chaos. Up to four people can participate in this confusing game at once, and one online mode is unfortunately not integrated.

Jumping between moving trains is not so easy.

© Tofiul

Initially select the character you want to play and select the respective level in the menu. In the beginning, an exercise brings you closer to the controls, making it much easier to learn the main task. Driving cars takes some getting used to at first, because by standard the car drivers in the direction you move the left stick. Depending on the direction of movement, a difference is made between the forward and reverse gear, which complicates the controls a bit and you have to get used to. Alternatively, there are also classic control options with gas and brake pedals, where you only have to go left and right. The controls are set individually for each end of the game.

Your task is to take the car from your customers, park it and then take it to a given zone. Your biggest enemy in this game is time, because car owners are patient. If you fail to deliver the car within the specified time displayed on the large loading bar above the respective vehicles, the car will be magically picked up by a UFO and you will receive a minus point. Each level runs in several stages. So you have to park the cars first, then you challenge in case of emergency and have to accept and return the cars before the last vehicles are returned to the waiters at the end of the game. Power-ups make sure you switch fast or the patience of the guests will last for a while.

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Criticism points do not spoil the fun of the game.

The respective levels are rated up to three stars, but to achieve this rating you do not have to complete the level within a certain time, but complete the level as flawlessly as possible. Errors here refer to cars that are not delivered or picked up on time. With the first mistake you will only get two out of three stars, with the second only one and three mistakes your win will be rated with zero stars. To go to the next level, you usually do not need a star, you only need a certain number of stars to open it to the last level of the respective block. However, the game is not very strict and it does not demand the best performance from you.

It was easy for me to cross skyscrapers.

© Tofiul

It is not important to drive carefully in this game. It’s okay if you fall from a skyscraper or drive your car over a traffic jam. It creates very confusing, but sometimes funny scenes. Since you can get out of the moving car, it is sometimes very convenient to get out just before the abyss and drop the car at the respective pick-up point. This is often accepted by the game and saves you a lot of time. Basically, cars never get stuck for long because if they get stuck somewhere, they start to jump on their own. When jumping, they straighten again or push them away if other cars are in your vehicle. So there are never hateful moments.

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The 20 levels and 4 bonus levels can be played separately and although they can play normal levels well, the bonus levels are designed for multiple game nodes. Basically, I have the impression that at some level you can’t reach three stars on your own. Balancing at the difficulty level can sometimes vary very strongly from level to level, so there are even simple levels at the end of the blocks. Nevertheless, I was very happy with the contrast selection. Moving trains, various switches or teleporters offer additional types. In some cases you have to car wash dirty cars. Unfortunately, extra work like this only comes a couple of times and I would have loved to see more of them.

Anyone who likes chaos will be happy here.

Graphically, the game is not a feast for the eyes, but not really ugly. You can see all the items well and see on the screen the general time limit or which car to pick up or push back. Camera work is brilliant and always provides you with important information at present. The presentation on the menu is nice and the nice conversations help with a pleasant gameplay. Musically, the title has solid background music that enriches your chaotic journey. At the end of each game, two highlight scenes are presented from a close-up, which ensures a good end to the game.