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Recession of Spotify subscribers

Spotify now lets podcasters “download list” of subscriber emails – Marseille News

Photo credit: Heidem Ferdy

As part of a long-term effort to attract podcasters and listeners, Spotify allows podcast creators to access the email addresses of fans who subscribe to their shows.

Spotify executives – who saw a significant increase in stock prices yesterday after easing its “tax” on the Apple App Store – have recently detailed the ability of podcasters to release contact information for their subscribers. Of note, the Stockholm-based site has made some significant investments in podcasting, apparently looking at the audio entertainment format as a viable way to diversify revenue and transcend the very thin edges of music and make a profit.

In particular, Spotify saw my podcasting deals with WWE in 2021, and her dad invited host Alex Cooper (who spends between $ 20 million and $ 60 million on the show), while 2020 brought in a $ 25 million podcast deal with Megan Markle and Prince Harry and Michael O’Brien. And of course, the $ 100 million deal for the Joe Rogan experience.

In addition, the $ 250 million purchase of The Ringer, the $ 235 million megaphone purchase, and the $ 230 million deal for Kimlet Media – not to mention investments in many exclusive podcasts at the moment – mean that Spotify seems to have dropped even further than $ 1. Billion on podcasting since 2019

With these points in mind, Spotify officially opened Podcast subscriptions to US creators late last month, and as mentioned at the outset, those who charge for their content can access and use subscriber email addresses.

We now offer creators the opportunity to download a list of contact addresses for their subscribers. So they can engage more with their subscriber sites and offer more benefits, ”said a senior Spotify official. It is unclear whether privacy-conscious listeners will choose not to share their contact details with podcast creators or whether the point will prevent potential subscribers from paying for shows published by creators they do not know.

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SpotFi currently does not take any reduction in podcast subscription revenue (other than the “payment processing fee”) podcasters may try to offset the associated revenue drop by marketing products and non-podcast content – or by helping companies, taking into account the personal statistics of listeners around the world.

However, it is worth noting the impact of long-term email address availability, especially as Spotify podcasts continue to represent a small segment of the overall user base. Granted, Spotify’s 365 million monthly active users (MAUs) are “involved” – not necessarily listening from start to finish – for podcasts in Q2 2021.

A very small percentage of MAUs regularly listen to podcasts in full, although a small group subscribes to one or more podcasts. And since podcasts’ emails (and other related companies or individuals) only reach these latest fans, they may oppose the overall policy.