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Asano wants to continue the series boldly - boldly default

Asano wants to continue the series boldly – boldly default

Since last week PC players have been able to use JRPG via Steam Bold Default II Released on Nintendo Switch in late February. In an interview with Famitsu, producer Tomoya Asano boldly talked about wanting to continue the default series. His statement does not sound like an official announcement, but he is optimistic:

Bold Default II It was well received among the fans, so we hope the series continues. Although we are currently in the planning stage, I suspect it will definitely take three to four years for development, we consider [ein solches Projekt] It can be done again. That’s why we would be happy if the fans were with us for so long.

The Brave Series is one of Square Enix ‘classic fantasy games. Striking magic crystals on particularly bold topics, profound improvement mechanisms thanks to elaborate work and class systems, as well as a fairy tale, audiovisual presentation style.

Source and thanks for the translation: Nintendo is everything.

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