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Special publication Home and Office is now available in stores

Special publication Home and Office is now available in stores

Um Sonderheft Home & Office In 170 pages you will find everything you need to know about home office. Articles are aimed at employees and self-employed, executives and employers. In addition to digital PDFs, the version is now also available as a printed print version.

Security checklist can effectively protect your hardware and software against external attacks. Time tracking applications help you with billing and a legal article explains your rights and obligations as an employer and employee.

With the boom of video conferencing, you’ll find tips on the right software, testing webcams, and convenient headsets for meeting marathons. You can electronically edit and sign documents, and you will find the appropriate PDF editors that we have definitely checked for security breaks.

The special edition c’t Home & Office goes with you as you move from company to home office: from setting up a new workplace effortlessly to choosing the right equipment and data security-compatible file storage and transfer.

In addition to video conferencing, emails also play an important role in communicating with colleagues and customers. In the test you will see which email client best meets the modern requirements for encryption and archiving, how to modify the popular Thunderbird in even more lines and share large files with your colleagues regardless of operating system.

The Sonderheft Home & Office Available in paper and digital format. Who can buy the print version for 14.90 euros including March 2, 2021 Ordered at the Highs store, Does not pay shipping costs.

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The digital version as a PDF is now available for EUR 12.99 Highs store, Or on our Android and iOS apps Amazon.

A printed manual and digital version are also available Bundle For 19.90 euros.


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