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Space, separated from the Super Telescope Web Ariane 5

Space, separated from the Super Telescope Web Ariane 5

New step for the task The Super Space Telescope James Webb separated from Ariane 5 at 13.47 Italian time today., Its launching vehicle. The European Space Agency has announced that it has been successful with the deployment of the solar system, which began 69 seconds after the web separated from its missile. Web Release Launched and held by ArianeSpace on behalf of the European Space Agency on the Ariane 5 rocket delivered by ESA Last December 25, at 13:20:07 Italian time, from the European space station Gavro in French Guiana.

Isa explains “Thanks to Ariane 5’s precision launch path, Webb’s solar line was able to deploy instantly. After separating from Ariane 5, it captures sunlight and runs the lab. The European Space Agency has released a video of this important step in Webb’s mission Taken with a camera made by the Irish company Réaltra Space Systems Engineering.

The Web is the second largest space science laboratory after Hubble, The telescope was launched in 1990 and is designed to answer unresolved questions about the universe. Scientists expect new discoveries on the web in all fields of astronomy. From the formation of galaxies and planets, to the birth of the first galaxies in the early universe: Webb See more about our origin.. The purpose of the Super Space Telescope was born out of an international partnership between NASA, the ESA and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).