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Sources of hacked PM vaccine: Ministry of Health files complaint with police

Sources of hacked PM vaccine: Ministry of Health files complaint with police

Proper complaints were then lodged with the police Illegal downloading of vaccine evidence from Prime Minister Fran பிரான்ois Legalt and his cabinet. However Quebec is considering strengthening the security of the Voxicode application.

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Our intelligence unit this morning “hackers” easily downloaded the QR codes of at least six politicians and writers, raising further doubts about the security of the vaccine passport.

The government responded by filing a complaint with the police, the Ministry of Health and Social Services confirms.

“Competent authorities will investigate and decide whether criminal charges should be laid,” the ministry said in a statement, “the QR code is secure.”

Vaccine testimonials from Prime Minister Franசois Legalt, his health minister Christian Dube and digital transformation minister Eric Khair were targeted. The latter promised that the QR code would not be misplaced or copied.


In an interview with LCN, the Minister acknowledged that Cairo could strengthen the security of the Voxicode application. Adding a password or restricting attempts to open a vaccination passport is one of the activities analyzed.

“This is definitely a reflection of what we do, but you have to understand the flaws that come with it,” said Eric Khair.

According to the minister, this is really a simple “impression” of a security breach.

However, with simple information on the Internet (last name, first name, date of birth, type of vaccine obtained, date of vaccination) and encryption software to detect the health insurance number, “hackers” were able to get your hands on valuable QR codes and related information.

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“We will not feel sorry for the people who make these gestures of nature,” the minister said.

Another flaw raised by Radio-Canada on Friday was that it would allow a false QR code to be generated, which would be resolved, and promised ric Caire.

Correction requested

Victims include opposition leaders in Quebec, star writers and personalities from the municipal scene.

With this in mind, Gabriel Nado-Dubois of Quebec Solitaire wrote a letter to the Prime Minister asking him to resolve this shortcoming quickly.

If a short-term solution is not found to protect the QR code of the vaccinated passport and QBs on LCN’s radio for member Gouin, “we should consider suspending or postponing the passport”.

“Technology is not ready to use,” he notes.

“The media has not reported the worst problem yet. So we have to reassure the people.

On Twitter, Health Minister Christian Dube also reiterated that the QR code is secure.

“The QR code and the personal information contained therein cannot be used without the consent of the individual. Violators face civil / criminal prosecution,” he said.

With Vincent Lauren from QMI Agency

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