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Beautiful and elegant, this plant is suitable for fall, fast growing and easy to grow!

Beautiful and elegant, this plant is suitable for fall, fast growing and easy to grow!

Caring for plants and flowers is a true act of love. An affection, often, is complemented by abundant, fragrant and colorful flowers. Plants seem to respond to our every concern and with a little patience we can get small and big satisfactions.

During the summer months, to decorate the balconies and gardens in the best way, with exceptional plants, bright colors and very contrasting patterns, fans will definitely be “heavy cannons”.

After the “green” roundup of the hottest time of the year, there is an interesting idea to get ready for autumn.

To beautify the outdoor space, many people ignore it in the fall Only 1 plant is enough Have flowery, elegant and fragrant balconies.

As for the interior of the house, this fall, we can choose a plant that is well known even though a few people know its name.

Beautiful and elegant, this plant is suitable for fall, fast growing and easy to grow!

It is one of the easiest plants to grow. This does not require special care and the rooms are very welcoming.
We talk scientifically about phalanx Chlorophytum wave. Although the name does not evoke specific memories, the plant is very common and we have certainly seen, perhaps even hosted in our home.

The phalanx is an evergreen herbaceous plant in the acacia family. It looks like a rich bunch of thin leaves, with wonderful yellow stripes. Perfect for growing in pots, this plant prefers bright environments, but is suitable for low light conditions.

The original trick to decorating rooms in a simple but effective way

Ideal for renovating rooms in the fall, a trick to decorate the interior in an original way is to grow phalanx in water.
In this way, the most elegant and refined plays of suspended cups can be created.

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The phalanx is easy to grow in water. Cut one of the many stems that fall from the long leaves from the plant. This stem looks like a small plant. However, pay attention to the cut to be made near the leaves.
At this time, place the stem in a container or small glass jar and pour the water. Sink only the bottom of the stem and fill the container half full.
Change the water every 5, maximum 7 days and within two weeks the plant will form new roots.

To help the plant grow, it is recommended to add half a teaspoon of fertilizer every three and a half liters of water.
However, pay attention to frequency. It is better to feed the plant artificially only once a month, without overdosing. There is a risk of damaging it by burning the leaves. So be careful, because this beautiful and elegant plant is suitable for autumn, it is easy to grow quickly!

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