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Sound Mind is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2022

Sound Mind is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2022

Modus Games today celebrates the successful launch of a psychological thriller that can be played with the brand new Agolates trailer Sound mind. This title has been available on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X since September 28, 2021 Available at S. Sound mind A horror experience that shatters the reality that real monsters lurk in your memories.

In the trailer, Nintendo Connect readers get a glimpse of the terrifying encounters the game has stored. The team also announced the Nintendo Switch version Sound mind Now it will appear in 2022, so that the psychological dream will fully unfold in time. If those in charge tell us, we will send you a more accurate date!

Sound mind It is a first-person horror experience that faces unpredictable dangers hidden in the player’s memories. Created by Wii Creat Stuff, the crew behind the famous Nightmare House 2 mode, and a terrifying, atmospheric soundtrack, perverted Sound mind Impeccable memories of shocking horror scenes. Oh, and of course the talking cat shouldn’t be missing either. After all, there’s no better time to go crazy and take care of a talking cat than Halloween, isn’t it?

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