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Pokémon Café ReMix opens today • Nintendo Connect

Pokémon Café ReMix opens today • Nintendo Connect

Pokemon Cafe Remix Its gates can now be opened Free on Nintendo eShop, Can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store. New game modes, updated game content, more Pokemon and of course the ultimate in beauty!

Pokemon Cafe Remix

Pokemon Cafe Remix
Pokemon Cafe Remix

Pokemon Cafe Mix, Puzzle game for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, should be edited this fall (we reported) and get a new title – Pokemon Cafe Remix. Innovations include new icons, extra Pokemon, new costumes and other ways to enhance your employee Pokemon skills.

We already knew the update was going to take place Pokemon Cafe Remix Scheduled for the end of October, it is now. Pokemon can now enjoy the delicious food prepared for them, which makes them more confident and more likely to join the staff at the cafe. In addition, in Pokemon Cafe Remix Introduced new skills that make it easier to solve puzzles, and the ability to connect them to megaphones makes these skills even more powerful.

In Pokemon Cafe Remix Players work with their staff Pokமொmon to solve puzzles and prepare meals for Pokmon guests. Puzzles are solved by combining Pokemon icons and using rotating motions by players to remove them from the screen.

Unique style Pokemon Cafe Remix New game modes and additional Pokemon enrich the cafe. Puzzles have also been redesigned and new events, costumes and more have been added to the game in this update.

In Pokemon Cafe Mix Collected gold can acorns Pokemon Cafe Remix Will be abducted. Have you already tried installing the update?

Data to be transferred after update:

  • Pokemon to help as servants
  • Gold Acorns (we bought for free)
  • Booster and puzzle items
  • Primary points
  • Friends list
  • Team joining status
  • Unsolicited rewards
  • The rest of the day is the day of the acorn set

Data to be transferred after the update:

Hope from Pokemon
After updating, this value becomes stable and is set to 1 for all Pokemon. In return, Miracle Cakes are sent to players based on each Pokemon ‘belief that Pokemon’ experience points can be enhanced.

Pokemon with exclusive costumes
Pokemon will not be aired in exclusive costumes. Instead, they become custom outfits for the corresponding employee Pokemon.
Note: If you wear your Pokmon in such a costume, it may use skills similar to the Pokமொmon in the exclusive costume employee.
Dem update.

Cake of hope
Hope Cakes will be converted into a new Miracle Cake item and sent to your rewards. If you use them, your employee will receive Pokemon experience points.

Stars were obtained in mastery mode
The number of your stars will be in the prime points

Order progress
After a major update, the number of new orders starts at 1.
Current orders are shown as additional orders with your progress
So you can continue where you left off.

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