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PS5: Collection of Unknown Thieves at 120 fps for an amazing rediscovery

PS5: Collection of Unknown Thieves at 120 fps for an amazing rediscovery


Technical Analysis – Relatively stingy with new features, PlayStation 5 reissuesUnspecified4 And The lost legacy There is still a chance to rediscover these games in a new light, which one does not have to have imagined.

60 i / s a ​​few months after the patch was given The Lost of Us Part IIThis is another great naughty dog ​​game mode of the PS4 era, Unspecified4, This Friday, January 28th, 2022 is entitled to the honor of an optimization dedicated to the omnipotence of the PlayStation 5, thus allowing it to be shown in a new light.

But while Ellie’s bloody adventures are satisfied with the “simple” free update, the wandering of Nathan Drake and his comrades comes to us a little more. They come in collection form The legacy of thieves Meeting Unspecified4 And its DLC-but-much more The lost legacy On native PS5 ports, Sony promises to use the full potential offered by the next generation console. What does this mean? Truth be told, just a little less than we expected, does not mean that this collection is completely devoid of surprises.

Technological Advances: Definition of Rendering, Framrate Rising, and about it

Because from a pure technical point of view the twist of improvements made by these PS5 versions of both games is quickly completed. On the display page, three display modes are provided, as we promised before the collection is released. Instead of rendering 30 fps at 1080p or 1440p on the PS4 and PS4 Pro respectively (and with an extension on the PS5 when running the PS4 version in compatible mode), we can choose here by default the performance of the gameplay mode. 1440p at 60 fps, standard mode at native 2160p (4K), and finally performance + mode at 1080p at 120 fps for happy owners of compatible screens.

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© Sony Interactive Entertainment

Given these figures, we have already stated everything that can be said. PS5 versions do not offer additional visual enhancements. Whatever the textures, the quality of the 3D models, the shadows, the draw distance, the post processing or any other graphical components, nothing has changed compared to the PS4 Pro version – it was already the same as the standard PS4 version.

Are we tempted to choose the visual appearance of the games? Of course not. Rather, we have to accept that review Unspecified4 Being in 2022, one can realize how far this topic was ahead of its time. Five and a half years after its release (spring 2016), there is still plenty to marvel at some of its technological prowess, such as the density of the plants displayed on the screen, which is nothing to envy. 2021 do.

Not specified in standard mode 4. © Sony Interactive Entertainment

Unspecified4 In standard mode. © Sony Interactive Entertainment

However, the trivial PS4 knows the shortcuts and tricks needed to achieve such a boost. At a corner turn, we see a pattern in the shadow with very coarse pixelation, or the melancholy nature of other such events. This is of course rare and it is dishonest to describe these shortcuts as a real weakness of graphic rendering. But these are points of improvement, and we would have loved to have explored this margin on the PS5 – we still hope it will be in the PC version of this game. The legacy of the collection of thieves, Which is expected to be released in the spring.

This shade should be a palm tree, rather than a part of Lego… © Sony Interactive Entertainment

This shade should be a palm tree, rather than a part of Lego… © Sony Interactive Entertainment

The focus is the same on the side of the audio that has no more editing experience than the visual part of the game. Unspecified4 And The lost legacy Some of the titles already offer a very basic 3D audio mix, and this mix is ​​reusable on the PS5. We certainly appreciate being able to taste this method with any helmet or simple TV speakers (on PS4, 3D audio is reserved for owners of the official PlayStation Platinum helmet), but we understand the limitations of Sony’s previous generation consoles. : The number of dynamic objects is very small and their location is very approximate. It’s better than anything, but we’re far from sound rich Return Or Ratchet & Clung Rift Apart.

Slightly more than a patch, all the same

While there are no visual or audio innovations to enjoy, we should turn to other components that make these PS5 versions a little more than the simpler versions of the PS4 versions. An essential element of the new generation consoles, the “Magic SSD” responds with almost erased loading times. In the main menu, it’s only a matter of seconds before a game starts, instead of 40 seconds on the PS4 instead of the pale black (and 20 seconds for the same PS4 version with lagging compatibility on the PS5). This is an undeniable extra comfort, though relatively small from the start of the game, no other waiting time arises.

Not specified in standard mode 4. © Sony Interactive Entertainment

Unspecified4 In standard mode. © Sony Interactive Entertainment

© Sony Interactive Entertainment

© Sony Interactive Entertainment

Support for Hoptic functions of the DualSense controller is very interesting. It completes them even more admirably with its surprisingly rich and subtle functionality that brings undeniable sophistication to the sense of weapons, vehicles or explosions, without revolutionizing the feel of the game. Nothing essential, but after getting used to it, when returning to the old DualShock 4, I found a little extra.

Finally, we must appreciate the meticulousness with which the developers tried to maintain the end quality of the games. With this, we think specifically about cinematic scenes, most of which are calculated in real time by the console, but some scenes were pre-calculated on the PS4 in the form of video files (to hide loads in the background, or to get rid of the GPU’s load calculation during conversion programs). On the PS5, these displays are now rendered in real time or re-encrypted for each performance mode – i.e. 1080p at 120 fps, 1440p at 60 fps and 2160p at 30 fps. Thus, we avoid sudden changes in appearance or Framrate During these shots and throughout the game its exposure maintains a perfectly consistent look.

An attractive 120 fps mode that redefines the “cinematic” nature of games

In the end, is it really worth (again) finding out? Unspecified4 And The lost legacy On the PS5? For those who have only one of these two games on the PS4 the question does not arise: they have a chance to get it Update Towards this from the title they already have The legacy of the collection of thieves, Thus restoring the second game and the advantages of the PS5 versions against the “simple” ticket of 10. Business is better!

Unspecified: Lost Legacy N Mod Qualit.  © Sony Interactive Entertainment

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy In standard mode. © Sony Interactive Entertainment

On the other hand, if you already have two titles, the same € 10 ticket will not provide access to any additional content. For those who have none, pay € 50 this time around and it may look pretty good for two games in 2016/2017. The truth is, these pricing policy issues aside, high frame rate display modes adorn them better – especially since all modes achieve them. Framrate Aim never to fail. The benefits of 60 fps, visual convenience or reduced latency, include all of these for precise purpose, making it perfectly suited for non-prohibitive operation.Untitled.

But it is performance + mode at 120 fps, which is very enjoyable for training because it does not only interact with levels. Sports Action, but above all with story stages and cinematic scenes. Because naughty dog ​​knowledge today is invincible in terms of 3D human characters and especially facial animation. Let’s put it very simply: first Unspecified4, The only game that did well at this point The Lost of Us Part II.

Unspecified 4 en mode performance.  © Sony Interactive Entertainment

Unspecified4 en Mode Performance. © Sony Interactive Entertainment

A further 120 fps allows you to enjoy the animations and faces of these characters in a whole new light. We are almost confused by the way all the nuances of these animations are revealed: the elasticity of the skin, the slightest muscle contraction, the slightest movement of the eyes seems to be under the magnifying glass. On the one hand, it makes it possible to appreciate insane accuracy like never before Performance capture And the work of animators. On the other hand, the whole thing is so solid, some of its minor flaws, its rare arts and limitations are more visible than ever – this is a new genre in essenceFairytale Valley Spreads.

This feeling reminds us of what we felt when we looked at Ang Lee’s latest films. A day in the life of Billy Lynn And Gemini Man, Filmed at 120 fps precision in their “original” versions. This total fluidity is a barrier that disappears between the viewer / player and the fantasy world presented to him: the latter is more real than ever, but much harder to maintain as a result of the pessimistic suspension. While we may not be able to accept even the slightest flaw in the special effect or simply the acting, we are stunned by the actions that immediately reconcile our immersion.

However, questions like these are completely new to being raised by a video game – and in the memory of the PC gamer accustomed to very high frame rates, we do not remember another topic that could have given such an impression. This is another proof that naughty dog ​​developers are masters of their craft, and in 2016 pushed the concept of “cinema gaming” to an incomparable level to this day.

Lucky owners of 120Hz compatible TVs, we strongly recommend that you try your hand at games in their performance + mode (without any worries, for the quality of the display, because the anti-slip alternative “nest dog” home “produces real wonders and full 1080p image, even on a 4K screen). This is the most attractive experience this package has to offer.