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Tuesday 27 will give another show, which will be the most exciting of 2021. Expected WEATHER »

PINK SUPERMOON: Tuesday 27 will give another show, which will be the most exciting of 2021. Predicted WEATHER

Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 April, Superluna RosaWe can still observe on Tuesday evening, April 27th Supermoon Pink, Most Is amazing From 2021.

But what does this mean? You have one Super Moon When our satellite is in the full moon phase (full moon), at the same time very close to the earth (perigee).
In this case, the moon will be slightly larger than normal (8-10% larger), so its brightness will be higher (15% higher).

But why pink? Of course we do not see a pink moon, but the name was, for the most part, given by Native Americans. Name and Color From Pink Musk or Wild Flax, with a characteristic pink flower that looks like the most common flower and other flower spring in the United States, such as hydrangeas.
Minimum distance this year (perigeo) It would be very interesting if it reaches our satellite, i.e. the suns 357.378 km. This figure is higher than the 2020 Super Moon (last year’s largest). The event will be for this reason Is amazing And deserves to be noticed in all its majesty.

Say “Super Moon“Created by an astrologer in 1979 (Richard Knoll), this is why it is not well known by the scientific community. Is used to refer to the alignment of three celestial bodies belonging to the same gravitational system.

The next Super Moon will be on May 26th: In this case you can notice him in most parts of the world (unfortunately not in Italy) Total eclipse.

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Weather: Unfortunately in the north and in many parts of the center cloudy skies or rain will prevent observation. Great opportunity for the southern regions and the two large islands.