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Beavers robs the whole village of the Internet - Oyster-France evening edition

Beavers robs the whole village of the Internet – Oyster-France evening edition

Residents of Dumbledore Ridge, a Canadian village in British Columbia, were surprised to find themselves without internet for 36 hours. Beavers are believed to be the source of the problem.

The story was published in British Columbia. (Map: Oyster-France)

For more than 36 hours, residents of the small town of Dumbledore Ridge in Canada lost access to the Internet. If the situation is exceptional, the reason for this failure is ready to smile. In fact, for almost two days from Saturday, April 24, 900 people were unable to use their computer equipment because of beaver cables.

A torn cable

The Canadian press echoed this extraordinary situation. Dallas, the web service provider on the site, has, in fact, confirmed it to the local media “The Beavers saw our fiber optic cable in several places, causing extensive damage. Our crew set up a dam nearby and it appears that the rodents dug underground to reach our cable, which was buried at a depth of almost a meter and protected by a path more than a meter thick.”

After more than 36 hours without any contact, the situation returned to normal on Sunday, April 25 at 6 pm (local time).

According to the company, the rodents were looking for materials to build their homes.

A Telus spokesman also shared a picture of the famous dam. We see fiber markers in particular. Liz Chow, spokeswoman for the Canadian Telecommunications Company, was delighted “The Most Extraordinary and Unique Canadian Events.”

Nevertheless, he wanted to apologize to customers who had been affected by the failure. He also recalled that in the coming days, the cellular network may be affected in the region. Once the damaged cable was replaced everything had to return to normal.

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