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Sony does not warn developers of closed PS Vita - Nert 4. Life

Sony does not warn developers of closed PS Vita – Nert 4. Life

Completion PlayStation Store PSP, PlayStation 3 and BS Vita It has more consequences than expected. First, it seems to have raised reasonable doubts about the longevity of our digital licenses and created some issues with who still works on these sites. For example, the PlayStation Vita Indie display is more important than one might expect. In fact, many teams are still working on some small independent products that have not been announced directly Sony With the intention of closing the digital store, it is forcing them into unexpected marathons to release their games in a timely manner. Only when they officially learned about the news from other sources.

There are even those who love the studio Lillimo game, Had purchased a new upgrade kit for the portable console. Of course, according to him, the Sony PS Without warning about the intent to close the Vita store soon. Now, with only a few weeks to go before the 2021 release of Q4, Lillimo Games does not think it will be able to release the game in a timely manner.

But Lillimo Games is not the only active fact. Other game developers prefer Thief’s Chili e Lazr Russian Subway Dogs e Hand Cannon Junkie Even a few weeks before closing, they were in P.S. Trying to figure out if they can come to the store.

Others, very lucky in a particular perspective, have come out in recent days. For example, ScourgeBringer will only try for 100 days and revert to development costs. BSP’s PlayStation Store, PS Vita to PS3 will officially close on August 27, after which it will no longer be possible to buy older games.

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