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"Backwards ..."

“Backwards …”

Isola 2021, Vera apologizes to those who woke up and unleashes Gemma: “Backwards …”. The Bad fight with Gilles Rocca, Lecture Tommaso Sorsi With his second appointment, YouTube changed his mind Simon Paciello, Makes corrections with his island colleagues during the live broadcast of the sixth episode.

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«I wanted to apologize for my behavior Above all I told her the things that were ordered out of anger to Francesca, like this Fear During the live broadcast of the sixth episodeFamous Island 2021, CHe apologizes for the behavior he performed on last Monday’s episode

«I apologize to Gilles – Continued – I pulled this into this theater. However, the actors are a bit skeptical. As for Ilari, the actors think Avede was stolen by Vesta: pla It seems too much to say that plagiarism, I have my faults. I thought about Tommaso’s words, I did not act well, I expressed my anger like this. We are self-excluded from the group, which is all proudly commanded.

Tommaso Sorci teases him: The Rosicrucian figure was never pretty, and this week it came out better. Fear Do you think Vera was too complicated or obstructive? Simon responds, expelling Vera Gemma: “We were allies at the time, but I will not join forces.

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