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Can Samsung drop Android?  Incredibly blinding

Can Samsung drop Android? Incredibly blinding

After treatment Question of Blockchain Wallet, Let’s analyze another possible innovation in Samsung. In fact, there are constant rumors in the last hoursAdvent of the new operating system.

In particular, according to reports PhoneArena, South Korean company of the future Accept Fuchsia OS. For beginners, this is an operating system developed by Google, which we have been listening to for some time. Recently, however, there have been rumors of a possible arrival in the short term First developer preview.

It has been repeatedly emphasized in the past that the Fuchsia OS is not an “new Android”, but an operating system capable of supporting more types of devices than the Green Robot. Simply put, Fuchsia OS will probably not replace Android, but may join the latter. In this context, Which OS to choose should be up to the manufacturer.

Among the advantages that Fuchsia OS has to bring to the latter is the fact that it is an operating system Easy to update. It actually takes work from the producer, so that would indicate an interesting “motivation”.

So this does not seem to be a coincidence 9to5Google, Samsung is collaborating on this project. In fact, in recent days, evidence has surfaced online that the South Korean company has decided to “explore” Fuchsia OS. To be clear, in Authors related page It is read Just before “Google LLC”, “Samsung Inc.”.

This and other clues have spread rumors that Samsung may be represented Fuchsia is the first manufacturer outside of Google to implement OS. Blindfolded, among other things, was re-launched by a well-known leak Ice Universe Su Twitter, He described as the “most likely” option for a South Korean company to choose this operating system in the future.

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Anyway, Nothing official right now. Will the rumors and leaks prove true? We will see.