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Intel zu Ice Lake-SP auf der CES 2021

Ice Lake-SP will go into mass production this quarter

In yesterday’s keynote address at CES, Intel presented a number of innovations in the field of processors. Lake Tiger, Rocket Lake, Jasper Lake and Alter Lake – these are the code names of the processors used in the various categories.

But there is another announcement from Intel regarding the data center. Third-generation Zion scalable processors Ice Lake-SP, already expected in the fourth quarter and then postponed to 2021, are set to be converted to mass production this quarter. This means the first major customers will be offered new processors in the coming weeks. Achieve general availability in the second quarter.

“Today marks a significant milestone for Intel as we continue to accelerate the delivery of our 10nm products and focus on delivering predictable quantities of flagship products to our customers.” Said Naveen Shenoy, executive vice president and general manager of the data center group at Intel. “Our 3rd Gen Intel Zion scalable platform represents a strategic part of our data center strategy, and we have developed with our largest clients to implement tomorrow’s data center.”

However, Intel has not officially made any progress, but is talking about a formal announcement coming in the coming months.

Zion processors based on Ice Lake-SP use CPU cores based on the Sunny Cove architecture. It is not yet known how many cores Intel has packed in one package. The new CPU cores are expected to increase IPC by about 18%. As a new feature of the site, Ice Lake-SP will support PCI-Express 4.0, thus eliminating the evil of the current Zion generation. In addition, Intel is increasing the number of memory channels from six to eight.

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EPYC processors based on the Milan design, i.e. the Gen3 architecture, are expected to launch in the coming weeks and months. So there is another transfer of amplitudes in the server area.

Come back to the code names at the beginning of the message: Intel introduced the new ones yesterday Quad core processors for mobile application Previously announced (Tiger Lake-H35) Strong models up to eight cores In (Tiger Lake-H45), the culprit The first Pentium and Celeron processors in 10nm production (Jasper Lake) and called Further details on the next (Rocket Lake-S) and next but (Alter Lake) desktop operating system.