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Sonic Colors: A Disaster on the Nintendo Switch?  (Refund, comparison video, bug collection)

Sonic Colors: A Disaster on the Nintendo Switch? (Refund, comparison video, bug collection)

Available in a short time, Delay in Physics, Sonic Colors: Ultimate, remake of the game on Wii, will be tested with us soon.

Sonic Colors Introduction: Ultimate does not seem to be working properly: Many gamers – mostly Nintendo Switches – have experienced extreme graphics and other issues. The game will not be officially released until September 7th. However, Siga provides early access to owners of digital deluxe, which is why revenue is already booming – mostly on social media.

As you can see in the videos at the end of the news, these issues are not simple minor graphical errors. They have a huge impact on experience and prevent players from progressing and completing levels. Other random issues are unrelated to the graphics. In addition, I present to you the video of Sonic Colors: Ultimate comparing Switch and PS4 versions and the original Wii version. Shows that the load time on the switch is very long compared to other sites including Wii.

The game runs at 30 frames per second on Wii and Switch, while on other platforms it is at 60. In terms of load times, it looks like the back of the Sonic Colors bag is unfortunate. Loading is faster on the PS4, but the Wii comes in second. It will take longer to load on Nintendo’s current console. By comparison to Sonic Colors, the first stage takes two seconds to load on the PS4, more than five seconds on the Wii, and Almost seventeen On the Nintendo Switch. The second stage takes two seconds on a PS4, four Wii, and eleven switches.

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With all of this, players are calling for accountability. Wex, a Twitter user, contacted Nintendo for a refund and a customer service representative admitted that they were aware of issues with the game and later returned the purchase.

Bug exhibition here: