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Motorcycle Battery: Tips for Proper Maintenance - Useful Information

Motorcycle Battery: Tips for Proper Maintenance – Useful Information

Let’s talk about the motorcycle battery required for its operation. How it is made, what it is used for and how to take care of its maintenance.

Motorcycle Battery: Key Features

The main uniqueness of a battery Nominal tension, Equal to 12 volts in this case. Another important aspect is his Ability, So the amount of electricity the battery can emit before the total voltage drops below the final value. It is expressed in amber-hours (b) and varies with the duration of the discharge. Therefore the capacity corresponds to the maximum amount that can be stored.

The Current This is another characteristic of the battery, which probably is not known to everyone, and it indicates the maximum current peak that can be provided for a short period of time.

The battery is very loaded, in fact it is subject to continuous discharge and charge cycles, so it is subject to loss of performance. Let’s see what happens in this case.

Low motorcycle battery: what to do

If the motorcycle battery is depleted, it does not mean that it should be replaced immediately. The battery should only be replaced when it no longer accepts recharge cycles. An example of an irreversible situation Complete discharge, The electrolyte that reacts with the lead in the plates is dangerous and can cause internal short circuits, which will not allow the battery to recharge.

Motorcycle Battery Maintenance: How to Conduct

For proper maintenance of the motorcycle battery, it is best to recharge frequently during the winter or when the motorcycle is underused, which will last a long time. In fact, lead batteries are discharged even when they are not connected to electricity.

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It is about the physiological process Self-discharge. If the battery is left idle for a long time and is left unused and recharged, it will be overcharged. So how can you avoid this phenomenon (or slowly, because it is practically unavoidable)? Recharges the battery from time to time A battery charger, or better yet, always combined with a maintenance technology, provides continuous regulated and low intensity current when not in use in the winter or on a motorcycle.

You need to know another thing related to the low performance of the motorcycle battery. This is the phenomenon Sulfation, Or the formation of lead sulfate crystals occurs in lead concentrators with a charge of less than 50%. Unfortunately, the effects produced are often irreversible and you can no longer return the battery to its original state, which quickly loses its efficiency. Sulfation reduces charge acceptance and battery performance.

You can try To recover A battery with this problem with low current recharge, but unfortunately often, after the event of sulfation, it must be replaced.

Attention: Charge level indicates the health status of the battery; This is the value of the battery and the amount of capacity it can deliver. For motorcyclists, it is very useful and convenient to measure the load-free voltage at the battery terminals, which is proportional to the concentration of the electrolyte, so it can give very reliable data on the charge of the battery. The voltage at the terminals should be measured only a few hours after the motorcycle has been stopped or recharged.

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