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Some pictures and first video for Taxi Chaos on Nintendo Switch

Some pictures and first video for Taxi Chaos on Nintendo Switch

Get behind the wheel and get ready for a new taxi experience! Drive around the city as an experienced taxi driver Winnie or the self-proclaimed “influence” Cleo and catch an interested customer!

Travel through the city center in a powerful muscle car, ride through the parks in an attractive super car or drive through the business district in a Japanese tuner taxi. Whatever you choose, your challenge is to deliver your passengers on time! At least if you want to make money.

Go through crowded streets, avoid pedestrians on the sidewalk or jump on the roof and break the rules of gravity! Nothing is more serious when delivering your passengers on time! Discover the best shortcuts and get to know the new Yellow City (NYC) and your travelers like the back of your hand.

Are you ready for this crazy and confusing race?

Absolutely new and modern example of old classic old school taxi games!

Y Explore the streets of the magnificent and vibrant New Yellow City.

Rates Find the best ways to speed up and increase your fees!

All Get Out! Become crazy! The more risks you take and the more you drive, the greater your rewards!

Break the rules in seven extreme rides: from the iconic yellow cart to the full-length muscle car! Earn enough to complete your set.

F Get to know your weird travelers through exciting, fully voiced conversations! Take a hipster, a plumber, a rockstar, a stranger and more!

Break mailboxes, street lights, fire hydrants or anything on your way! The city is your playground.

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Driving Test your driving ability in three unique game modes! Enjoy Classic Arcade mode, go to FreeRoom or go for the real challenge in Pro mode.