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Self-service buffet!  Too much cooked!  Everything you can eat comes with the Nintendo Switch and the PS4

Self-service buffet! Too much cooked! Everything you can eat comes with the Nintendo Switch and the PS4

Saint-Owen, France – February 15, 2021: Team 17, Ghost Town Game, Sold And For games Glad to announce that the culinary collaboration is the full version of the game Too much cooked! Coming soon with Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 Too much cooked! Everything you can eat.

This version includes All content of the first two games is exaggerated! And their DLC and new content “Beckish rises”. This includes additional content Seven new kitchens Terrifying and Three new chefs Already on the full list: Adorable Axolotl, the almost oldest chef Fred and the iconoclastic overlord chef Everbeckish.

Released March 23, 2021.

த்த Probos de Over Cooked! Everything you can eat:

Too much cooked!, Too much cooked! 2 Their extra content is all redesigned together in this delicious solid version! Hundreds of confusing gastronomy awaits you in collaboration with increasingly dangerous and unusual foods.

Too much cooked! Coming Online!

One way Online multiplayer Fully integrated in Over Cooking! For the first time ! Visit your favorite kitchens again from the first online game! Take your friends to messy kitchens with multiplayer and multiplatform modes with voice chat. The queue is shared across all platforms, the waiting time for treats will be greatly reduced and you will soon be fully engaged in the cooking process!

Feast for the eyes!

With some Modified graphics For both games in the series, Over Cook! Never been so beautiful.

Delicious new content!

Self-service buffet! New environments, new chefs and a mess await, exclusively overcooked! Everything you can eat.

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Many game modes!

Players will have access to campaign, survival, training and assistance methods, the latter Brand new You can eat in everything! Assistant mode offers several options to slow down the game, such as less quick-disappearing cooking tips, longer rounds and the possibility of leveling.

Accessible to all!

Too much cooked! All you can eat is doté de Accessibility features The adjustable interface allows as many players as possible to join in the cooking speed with options such as dyslexia-friendly texts and color blindness.

Join the King Onion for the epic proportional feast at Over Cook! Everything you can eat.


  • Game “Overcooked!”
  • Game “Exaggerated! 2 ”
  • All D.L.C.
  • New Content: Beckish Rises

Too much cooked! All you can eat is the Serra Disneyable Le23 Mars 2021 Sir PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.