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Software converter for OST and software for converting inaccessible OST into imported PST files.

Many professionals use Microsoft Outlook to exchange emails. The software uses two different formats. The first is the OST, which contains a copy of the mail server data when the user is working offline. To recover the data in this file, it is necessary to convert it to PST. It has all the components available locally. However, this requires the use of software such as Stellar. Developed by a company that specializes in data recovery An OST to PST file converter. This is for Windows devices.

Respond to multiple application events

There are several reasons to convert an OST file to PST. The most common is hardware failure. Sometimes the process of syncing files across multiple devices accidentally deletes data. In other cases, Outlook OST files may become inaccessible due to a hard drive failure or malware attack. OST files cannot be retrieved as they are only a local backup of the transmitted messaging data. To achieve this, it is necessary to convert them to BST using a tool such as Stellar.

In the same way

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The latter helps to overcome another problem: Unexpected shutdowns of Outlook. Occasionally, software crashes when a user opens, syncs, or attempts to access an OST file. One of the possible consequences is file damage. Again, it is necessary to convert it to PST, for which an application like Stellar will help. Its converter extracts all the data in the OST file quickly and easily (encrypted or not) and saves it in the newly created PST file. The PST document can be imported into Outlook and the user can access all its data again.

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A simple and complete software

It should be noted that Star converter for OST instrument Converts all transfer items to Outlook format. This includes emails, contacts, links, notes or a calendar. In this way, no information is lost in the process.

However, you can only keep certain emails. Find and choose what to extract based on various parameters such as object, date or recipient. The user then receives the information in PST, MSG, EML, RTF, HTML and PDF formats. So it can view OST file contents in applications like web browser or PDF reader besides Outlook.

How does StellarConverter work for OST?

Downloading the tool will not be easy. When the dialog box appears, click “Save File”. You can double-click on the file and press “Run” when the second dialog box appears. After completing this step, it is time to change the file. To do this, you need to download the OST using the “Browse” or “Find” button if the user does not know where it is on his computer. Click “Change” to begin the process. This may take some time depending on the file size. It can be stored in PST or other formats provided.

Star interface

The change only takes a few seconds. Picture: Star.

Star interface

There are many export formats. Picture: Star.

It is possibleTry Stellar Converter for OST for free. This offer will allow up to 20 emails per folder. If the user wants to access all the features, including converting multiple OST files to PST at once, two fee licenses are provided.

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