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Is your computer late?  Do great cleaning to save space!

Is your computer late? Do great cleaning to save space!

By importing files every day and modifying its contents, A computer crashes! It is overcrowded and does not work like the first day. A good cleaning will save space, so go faster. In fact, when there is no free space on your computer’s hard disk and its computer memory (which manages its operation), It affects its performance and The updates required for its proper functioning can no longer be installed.

Such as today’s operating systems (OS) Microsoft Windows 11 or Apple macOS Monterey Attach “self-cleaning” tools This improves their functionality, but they do not automatically delete useless files that clutter your computer. Here’s how to free up space on your PC or Mac.

Clean up your computer on Windows 10 or 11

  1. BThe Windows taskbar search will stop below (Small magnifying glass), type “Disk cleaning“, Then select Disk cleaning In the results displayed.
  2. If you have more than one drive, select the drive you want to clean (you can clean everything one by one), and then select OK.
  3. Under Files to deleteSelect the files you want to delete Click OK. By default, downloaded program files, temporary web files and thumbnail options are selected. If you do not know what files to delete for fear of committing a foolish act, select the file so that Microsoft will show you more information about it.

Good to know: Windows 10 and 11 Includes storage assistant This will delete the unwanted files on your computer. To implement this guide, Click the Windows Start menu, then Settings, then System, then Storage. Activate the wizard and define its operating cycle.

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Clean Your Computer on MacOS Monterey *

  1. To upgrade your hard drive, click Apple top leftThen About this Mac.
  2. Click Storage menuYou will get an image of the system of your hard disk.
  3. Click the Manage button Enter simple hard drive optimization settings. Your computer provides a number of actions here to clean and restore files.

* If your Mac is older, this allows you to download the OS Monterey version, go check it out Apple menu, Dependent This Macin.

Clean your computer with special software

To go further in upgrading and cleaning your computer, PC or Mac, The software is free or paid, easy to use and very powerful. For example, if the hard disk is full or full of useful memory (RAM) for operation, this software will take care of your computer and alert you to make everything work as best as possible when you need to operate it. They also give you a detailed overview of the actions or files that slow down your computer and how to fix them.

On the system: CCleaner to download from your computer to the Microsoft Store. The free version of the software is the first step in cleaning up your hard drive, and the paid version (24.95 € / year) manages to update your software, remove unwanted files and completely clean your system.

On Mac: Can be downloaded from CleanMyMac Make of Store (€ 39.99 / year). This application is a hint to improve the performance of Apple computers. It provides thirty tools to properly manage storage, but protect your computer from malicious software.

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