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Snapshot of the past on the Nintendo 64

Snapshot of the past on the Nintendo 64

Exploring the background of video game development can lead to strange discoveries. After all, there is a real biography behind every creation, designed by the creativity, intuition and dreams of game designers and developers. But not only that: resources, environment and circumstances clearly define the boundaries by which aspirations can move, and often take pleasure in unraveling any object that hinders initiative, even if the opportunity (or rule, the choice is yours).

Fate did not show me his book“, Said the dream unanimously in a dream that was never celebrated Sandman Presented by Neil Cayman. Terrible paths lead to least unexpected results: Demo of Nintendo 64 born from a simple demonstration Unusual Pigmin Saga, It took shape from a photo simulator in identity crisis Pokemon Snap, A Pokemon adventure can surprise and amaze fans.

Objectives in searching for meaning

In 1996, Generation I Game Freak debuted in Japan Pokemon red e Pokemon Green. Day by day, this pair of titles nurtured a generation of enthusiasts who dreamed that they could go on an adventure with a backpack and bokeh balls in their pockets and a loyal starter (including a bullfighter, squirrel and charmonder). Own page.

In the same year, always in the rising sun, he was born under Aegis Nintendo e HAL Lab A development team with at least one weird name: Jack and Beans. The latter was in charge of the project. “Jack and Beanstalk“, Equals our own British”Jack and the Magic Bean“, A popular traditional European fairy tale. Even today, it is not clear exactly what the developers did, but it is certain that there were very important characters in the project, including the delay. Sadoru Iwada, Shikesado Idoi e Shikeru Miyamoto, Father – with others – Super Mario, Description of Zelda e Pigmin.

Whatever it is, Jack and the Magic Bean“Announced at the 1997 Tokyo Sports Fair, But without any kind of video material or images

Supplemental examples. The recipient of the title has forgotten Nintendo 64 DT, The page for the Nintendo 64 was announced in 1995, again from the stage of the Japanese exhibition. Subject to standard postponements, the hardware finally saw light only in Japan, arriving on Japanese shelves in 1999, and included the mouse, keyboard and modem in the package. However, Kyoto’s delays and distrust of its potential business performance pushed Nintendo Move multiple products assigned to Nintendo 64. Needless to say, in these topics, there was also our mystery Jack and the Magic Bean.

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But what does the success of Pokemon and the mysterious game created by Nintendo have in common? As we mentioned at the beginning, the background to video game development is often bizarre. Whatever the nature of the project, Jack and the Beans team ended up focusing on photography. However, there seemed to be a focus on everything, a direction, a lack of a real spark that would make the game sure to come alive.

That flame finally presented itself – we can say in the form of Charmaine’s tail. After the victory Pokemon Green e Pokemon red, Meanwhile landed in Europe Pokemon red e Pokemon Blue, Game freak creatures really invaded the gaming world, no. Between the crazy dedication card game in every classroom and the hugely successful animated series, the public was eager to get their hands on the future Pokemon Gold e Pokemon Friday. But in the meantime, why not offer a completely different experience to the same enthusiasts?

Intuition came like this: Put players in the shoes of landscape photographers, Engages in a photo safari in search of snorlocks, picachu, lapros and comrades. In a brief response Sadoru Iwada summarizes a creative column: “First of all, Pokemon Snap for Nintendo 64 is not a title associated with the Pokemon series. On the contrary, it was a normal game where pictures could be taken, but it was not clear what was directing it. We were wondering what subject the players would take fun photos of, and then decided to jump somewhat compelling and depict Pokemon.“.

The result was a suggestive, eccentric and addictive Pokemon experience in its own way. The only trace of the bizarre production path of Pokemon Snap It finally added the Jack and Beans logo, which is located next to the HAL Lab and Nintendo in the game’s opening titles.

From coaches to photographers

In the role of the protagonist Todd Snap, Pokemon Snap Players caught up again in search of girlfriend Professor Oak. Pokமொmon has temporarily stopped starting young people on the path to becoming masters, and the scholar is now fully focused on Pokemon Island.

Untouched space, the latter contained a variety of biomes, in which Pokemon roamed the jungle, guiding their existence freely.

At this time the professor did not give us bokeh balls, but decided to study the habits of the creatures in their natural habitats. A valuable camera and some suggestions: Destroying creatures at the center of the law, with a closer perspective, is possible in the most original pose, and may be with other similar Pokemon surrounding our main subject. When these symptoms are respected, the trainee photographer will have the opportunity to give a higher score to their shots.

At Pokemon Snap, players were invited to paint in spectacular snapshots Total 63 Pokemon, Apparently all parts of Generation I, the only part that existed at that time. A strange number, however, is explained by modifying the composition of the animals selected for the title.

In the early configuration of the game, Snake Akons was also included, which was later removed from the final version of Pokemon Snap. With the latter, the total would have been 64, which would have been more appropriate for the release on the Nintendo 64!

To navigate between beaches, caves, volcanic slopes, green valleys and river areas, our dot can count on the faithful Zero-One, a spaceship that can travel on sinful tracks on the tracks, appreciating Pokemon in their daily lives. Destroy Picasso and his comrades in pose and shot advertising

As a result, Todd Snap can count on the magnification of his camera, but not only. In fact, the choice of tools allowed the young photographer Communicate with creatures With apples, for example, it is possible to attract the most gluttonous Pokemon, and then indestructible them in eating delicious fruit. The canon can awaken sleeping creatures with the flute and stimulate them to reach the goal with their eyes. More creative solutions also contributed to moving things: for example, by finding the path of the apples on the beach, you could draw a picachu near a surfboard and then depict it riding an imaginary wave.

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These tools were obtained gradually, so with a dynamic that favors a kind of back-tracking of the scenarios already explored, Always look for new contacts. A stimulus is also provided by the desire to capture a special moment in the life of wild creatures.

In Pokemon Snape, there is no shortage of special surprises: a Magicorp object climbing a waterfall can magically evolve into a Giardos, while a Slobok can inadvertently sink its tail into the water and be bitten by a shelter. In a Slobro Evolution!

In short, the magic of the Nintendo 64 exclusive was hidden in the small details, but also in the ability to deliver Completely different Pokமொmon experience From the outline Pokemon Blue e Rosso Or, later, from Pokemon Gold e Friday. The aforementioned profiles of condo creatures turned into real 3D creatures within Pokemon Snap, where fans can be seen interacting freely with each other, In a dynamic and suggestive world. To provide the final connection to the experience, there was the opportunity for close encounters with celebrities Mu, The forbidden dream of every little coach in the late nineties.

Finally, a good effort, inspired by Nintendo, contributed to closing the circle of enticing experience. The release of Pokemon Snap was actually in partnership with the Kyoto house Lawson, In Japan, e Blockbuster, In the United States. At various points of sale of the two large chains, stations were set up to print stickers depicting photos taken by users within the game: a real magic for young players bravely engaging in Pokemon Island. There was even a contest aimed at rewarding the best matches of all, with the lucky winner being offered a trip to Australia!

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