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Talks about the chance to see Crash on Toys for Pop Crash Bandicoot 4 and Smash Brothers.

“If it was up to us, we would have already done it.”

The hybrid console from Nintendo is known to be a global success, with developers doing everything they can to add to their versions, including the Nintendo Switch and Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s about time Is no exception. The team that created the title in question Pop toys, Already known for the series Skylanders And a remake of the original Dragon trilogy Spyro And editorial staff Nintendo Life Was able to chat with the creative maker of the game, Lou Stuttard And ask him for destiny: “When is the crash coming to Super Smash Brothers?

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The full interview is here:

Can you tell us about some of the changes needed to bring Crash 4 to the Nintendo Switch?

Great question! Moving a game to another computer depends on the optimization work that our artists and engineers have to go for that particular hardware. As for the Nintendo Switch version, There were many things to make sure it was running smoothlyIn particular, the team had to work on resizing the structures, the polygonal patterns of the characters, the internal skeletons that allow movement, the reduction of the density of the shadows, the resolution of the lights and the quality of the particles.

In doing so, the game looks more cartoonish than other versions. Need to redo the writing patterns and other settings to achieve this?

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No, not again. This is how to make the right changes to the hardware you are running. Every console is different, so the game will not be compromised where you want to play, as these types of clever changes are required.

At what stage of development did you decide to bring Crash 4 to the Nintendo Switch?

I will not say exactly when, but from the beginning we aimed to bring Crash Bandicoot 4: it’s time for all the sites where fans want to play it.

For those who haven’t bought it yet, is there anything unique in the Nintendo Switch version you want to introduce?

As for adventure, story and game, The game is almost identical to other versions; This is the hybrid nature of the console, which inevitably leads to different use of the product: you can play anywhere, but the content is always the same.

Does the team have any ideas for the game, but you never get the point of opinion you can talk about?

Yes, there are! Toys for Pop is the way to work “Allow anyone to add ideas to the project”, So part of the fun of working on such a great team is that everyone can actively participate in the project and create this just like the game they want to do. But we cut the content or we don’t have time to create it properly, it’s far from over: the truth is, we’ve added more and more. Once one mechanic was activated, the idea for another came immediately. That’s the beauty, some ideas are awesome, others are really scary! This is how it works.

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The platforms of the 90s became famous for being full of secrets and codes for various tricks; The original Crash Bandicoot trilogy is no exception! Have you ever found any such secret in your Crash 4?

Well, if I told you it would no longer be a secret, would it? I think it would be nice to be allowed to enjoy the invention.

Now that there are some games on Crash Switch, do you think we will ever see him join the Super Smash Brothers list? This is the dream that fans have had since Mario, Crash and Sonic were all three!

This is a dream for all of us, isn’t it ?! If I had it, it certainly would, but unfortunately It was something completely beyond my powers!

What is the future of Toys for Pop? Crash and Spyro have often appeared as allies in past games. Will we find ourselves lined up for a new adventure like we did before in the Game Boy Advance and Skylander series?

Who knows? For now we have not revealed anything specific about the next project, but at this point the only limitation is the sky.