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Snapshot allows developers to advertise their applications in Spotlight

Snapshot allows developers to advertise their applications in Spotlight

By purchasing one business per month, Snapshot ensures sustainable growth and the ecosystem of engineers in various technical fields. Recently, the company acquired WaveOptics, specifically a supplier of reality glasses. This news will have all its significance in the development of new Spectacles glasses. However, Snapshot has not forgotten its site and continues to offer new tools to developers and users. The company has announced an extension of its development tools to upgrade and upgrade its rival Spotlight for Dictoc.

Snapshot wants to help app developers

Video content is becoming increasingly viral on the Internet. Facing this trend, Snapshot launched Spotlight in November 2020, a site with short videos aimed at competing with Dicto. Now, social networking a Creative Kit for Spotlight. Through this initiative, he wants to allow developers to add an option that gives users the opportunity to publish content directly from their apps to Spotlight. By browsing Snapshot, users can easily find and download content created with these applications with a single click.

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So this new process is a success for Snapshot and developers. On the one hand, the social network is adorned with additional content, and on the other hand, developers can get new users into their video editing applications. Keep in mind that they can configure hashtags to represent content generated from their application, which will also allow developers to monitor their performance. On the users’ page, all videos created using such or such an app can be found thanks to these hashtags.

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Snapshot emphasizes that many applications already offer this innovation. Examples include VideoLeap, BeatLeep, Lytrix, Spice, Powder and Pinata Forms. For developers, this new venture offers a real opportunity to gain a great user base. As a reminder, the site announced more than 280 million users earlier this year. Significant advertising power for app creators.