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Des millions de PC, smartphones ou encore consoles de jeux pourraient ne plus avoir accès à internet. 

Smartphone, PC … why millions of devices are losing internet since Thursday

Millions of PCs, smartphones or even game consoles no longer have internet access. (© Adopestag)

The one you own Smartphone, computer or video game console ? Be careful, you may soon experience some sort of experience Giant internet freeze For your devices.

This is what cyber security researcher Scott Helme says Website Released September 20. According to him, September 30, 2021 onwards From Million Devices may display errors when visiting websites. In question, the expiration date of a digital security certificate: “Identrust DST Root CA X3”.

What is a security certificate?

“Identrust DST Root CA X3” is an electronic document that allows you to authorize a website. More specifically, this certificate is used when launching your browser as a web user Check the credibility of the site you want to consult.

Data is encrypted and the content of your emails is protected by a Encryption With public and private keys. First you can share with everyone. “Anyone who has access to your public key can use it to send you encrypted data. Only you can encrypt them if you have a private key,” he explains. Goren Henin, cybersecurity expert.

For its part, the expert says that it is your browser’s responsibility to retrieve the security certificate of the site you wish to consult and “use its own certificate store to verify that the latter is trustworthy”. If the connection is not considered reliable, You will definitely get this kind of message:

Note that you are accessing a website where we cannot verify the certificate. Do you want to continue?

What really happens on Thursday, September 30th?

As of that date, “IdenTrust DST Root CA X3” expires. Except that this certificate plays a role Reliable authority For most signed websites Let’s encrypt. The latter is a certification authority launched in 2015, and has made encryption widely available on the Internet, especially where HTTPS connections are found.

“You want to create a site and you want to get a certificate, through this site you can sign the certificate for your site,” continues Corinne Honin. A kind of “buffer Official ”allows, do not receive an error message when a person links to your site.

When this certificate expires, things will change. Other certificates will no longer have credible authority Check the authenticity of your connection.

Communication is not secure and your browser will start to lament to you that this site is not trusted.

Corinne HeninCyber ​​security expert

Which devices are affected?

By itself, expired Affects older models only Even manufacturers of smartphones, PCs or game consoles no longer offer updates. In fact, Lets Encrypt has issued the new “ISRG Root X1” certification, which only works on newer devices.

On his site, Let’s encrypt Thus provided List Devices (as well as earlier versions) that may be affected by this problem. It is:

  • Windows XP Service Pack 3
  • OpenSSL 1.0.2
  • MacOS 10.12.1
  • iOS 10
  • Android 7.1.1
  • Mozilla Firefox50
  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • Debian 8
  • Amazon FireOS (Navigator Silk Browser)
  • Java 8 8u141
  • Java 7 7u151
  • NSS 3.26

How do I access the Internet with my old device?

Don’t panic if you are directly affected by ID expiration: After September 30, you can browse the web by installing Firefox browser.

The other good news, Goren Henin concludes, is that you get some rest By 2024 if you browse on Android. “There was an agreement between Aidan Trust and Lets Encrypt, so Identrust, whose certification expires, is recreating the new intermediate certificates until 2024”. Because Android cell phones do not check the root expiration date, you will not be A priority Not blocked until September 30th.

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