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The hatching dinosaur embryo was discovered in China

The hatching dinosaur embryo was discovered in China

A historical discovery. In China’s Congo, scientists have taken into their hands a dinosaur embryo 72 to 66 million years old. Researchers have named the feathered dinosaur “Baby Yingliang” after a feathered dinosaur that lived in Asia and North America. “This is one of the few dinosaur nuclei ever discovered”Published as Fion Wisdom Ma and Associate Professor of Research at the University of Birmingham Science.

“Baby Yingliang” was seen with his back bent, legs on either side of his head, tucked in his stomach. An unnoticed condition in dinosaurs, but a well-known condition in birds. In fact, when the chicks are ready to hatch, they place their head under the wing and pierce their hole with their beak. “This suggests that modern birds had such behavior from their dinosaur ancestors.”, Fion Waisum Ma finished.

“This dinosaur embryo in its egg is one of the most beautiful fossils I’ve ever seen.”University of Edinburgh Professor Steve Brusat and a member of the research team said in a statement. Sample “Its egg looks like a curled chick, further evidence that many of the traits of birds today are inherited from their dinosaur ancestors.”, He added.

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